Treat Diabetes Naturally: 2 Superfoods Doctors Don’t Tell You About

treat diabetes naturally

There is hope for the vast numbers of people worldwide who suffer from diabetes. Read on to learn how to ease diabetes naturally with two miracle superfoods doctors don’t tell you about.

I’ve said it before, but I love that herbal and natural medicine is based on thousands of years of experience in healing disease. Not only minor ailments or chronic disease, but life-threatening diseases as well.

There’s no argument that diabetes is one of the most serious imbalances of our times. So I was excited to discover bitter gourd and jamun fruit, an age old Ayurvedic remedy used to counteact diabetes naturally. I was even more excited to see bitter gourd in action! Bitter gourd and jamun balance blood sugar levels in both Type I and Type II diabetes patients. They also provide other amazing health benefits, like regulating blood pressure. The good news is that the health conditions that cause diabetes can be reduced and degenerative health issues caused by continued diabetes can be avoided.

What are Bitter Gourd and Jamun?

treat diabetes naturally

Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) is technically a fruit and a member of the squash family. It is also known as karela, balsam pear and bitter melon. This green and bumpy gourd-like fruit is commonly used (more like a vegetable) in Chinese and Indian cooking, despite its strongly bitter taste. There is a phrase in Ayurveda, “Bitter is better.” It means that the bitter quality of a food or herb is one sign that it has positive health benefits. Thankfully, for those who cannot abide the bitter taste, powdered karela, or bitter gourd, can be taken in capsule form.

treat diabetes naturally

Jamun, Jambol or Jambolan (Syzygium Cumini, Eugenia Jambolana) is the sweet fruit of the plant family Myrtaceae that originated in Africa. It is now also common in Southeast Asia, India, Sri Lanka, and the Andaman Islands. Jamun is also known as Java plum, black plum and, in India, as Indian Blackberry. It is dark purple with a smooth skin and resembles not a blackberry or a plum, but rather, a large black olive. It’s juicy flesh is sweet and tart in taste. In the case of jamun, both the fruit flesh, plus its seeds have medicinal properties for treating diabetes.

These two fruits together make a powerful combination to treat diabetes naturally. They have slightly different characteristics, but complement each other for a balanced result.

Our Experience

Several years ago, when we were living in India and researching Ayurveda, we made the acquaintance of many Ayurvedic physicians. One doctor invited us to audit a consultation with a 60 year-old patient who was taking allopathic diabetes medication. The patient was not feeling well, even after many months of treatment, and his condition was not improving.

The Ayurvedic doctor prescribed an herbal powder to him that was made of bitter gourd. He was to take the powder in addition to his regular medication. The patient was to have his blood glucose levels tested at a medical facility every couple of weeks to track his progress.

We were amazed to see that in mere weeks, he was not only feeling much better, but his glucose levels showed marked improvement. It was particularly surprising because where we are from, it is never discussed that you can treat diabetes naturally – at all!

Working with his primary physician, the patient gradually reduced his allopathic medication as his health improved due to taking bitter gourd.

Within months he was able to drastically reduce his dependence on allopathic medication! And, most importantly, he was pulling out of the inevitable decline that diabetic patients face. Allopathic medicine simply treats their diabetic symptoms, rather than balancing out the underlying causes of the condition.

This is just one of many natural health success stories we witnessed while in India. In this case, it was wholly due to the use of karela, or bitter gourd. The area where we witnessed this healing was quite remote and neither jamun fruit nor jamun seed powder were available there. The results in combining the two, karela and jamun, as is suggested by Ayurvedic physicians, would be even more powerful.

Fortunately, nowadays, both bitter gourd powder and jamun powder are available much more readily. You can even buy them online.

Let’s look at what these two fruits offer…

Karela or Bitter Gourd

Karela offers numerous health benefits:

1. Treats Diabetes Naturally ( as described above)

Two of the numerous phytochemicals found in karela vegetable, Polypeptide-P and Charantin, are known glucose inhibitors. They cause a hypoglycemic effect on both Type I and Type II diabetes sufferers. Functioning in a similar fashion as insulin, this not only relieves high blood sugar, but also protects the pancreas. A third component, Vicine is known for cleansing the blood.

These powerful components are found in all aspects of the gourd – the flesh, pulp, oil and seeds. They also promote absorption of glucose in cells of the body.

Thus, bitter gourd provides the initial goal of stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Bitter gourd also fulfills the long term goal of improving overall health and quality of life. This is done while preventing the numerous dangerous complications that arise over time in most diabetic patients.

treat diabetes naturally

In addition to the incredible curative property of bitter gourd for diabetes, there are even more health benefits of this wonder-food.

2. Balances Blood Pressure

With a high level of potassium, bitter gourd helps the body to mitigate excess sodium and aids in regulating blood pressure. The flavonoids in bitter gourd also help to lessen the risk of strokes.

3. Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral

Bitter gourd is a well known blood purifier that can combat infections and viruses.

4. Weight Loss

Bitter gourd is beneficial in depleting fat cells of the body and increasing metabolism, both of which are helpful for weight loss.

5. Helps Eyesight

High in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, bitter gourd also treats macular degeneration. Its high Vitamin K content also improves eyesight and helps to prevent cataracts.

6. Treats Constipation and Aids Digestion

Bitter Gourd acts as a digestive stimulant, which, in aiding digestion, also helps to eliminate constipation.

7. Improves Skin and Hair Health

Bitter gourd is anti-inflammatory. When taken internally, it treats the underlying causes of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. For skin, bitter gourd is used topically, by making a paste of its powder and water. This is applied to wounds, sores, blisters and other skin rashes.

Bitter gourd juice has a high vitamin and biotin content. It can be rubbed into the scalp and hair to combat dandruff, split-ends and lack-luster hair. Various pastes can also be applied to the scalp to improve overall hair quality and scalp health.

8. Anti-cancer

Active natural ingredients in bitter gourd eliminate cancer cell reproduction and also to deter the spreading of cancer cells.

Bitter gourd is particularly effective in mitigating breast, liver, prostate, leukemia and various other cancer cells.

Now, on to the Amazing Jamun Fruit for its Health Benefits

1. Treat Diabetes Naturally

Jamun fruit contains powerful anti-diabetic ingredients that slow down the rate that sugar is released into the blood. However, it’s the jamun fruit seeds (plus the bark and leaves) that are the superheroes when it comes to diabetes. In Madagascar, where the jamun fruit is known as java plum, the fruit’s anti-diabetic properties have been studied for over 40 years. These studies were based on centuries of local historical use.

treat diabetes naturally

In the 1970’s, java plum seeds were developed into a pharmaceutical anti-diabetes medicine, Madeglucyl®. Since that time, the drug has been used successfully by those suffering from diabetes in Madagascar.

The seeds contain two unique substances known as jamboline and jambosine, which are defined as “glucosides.” Glucosides have a positive effect on the pancreas and slow the conversion of starch into sugar. They increase insulin availability and have hypoglycemic properties, which reduce blood sugar levels.

Therefore, it is an amazing combination to take both bitter gourd and jamun together to treat diabetes naturally.

2. Aids Digestion

Jamun is effective in aiding digestion and counteracting digestive disorders such as diarrhea and dyspepsia.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure

Jamun seeds contain alkaloids that regulate heart rate, prevent blood clots and can help lower blood pressure.

The jamun fruit also helps heart health because it is high in potassium. That aids in preventing the production of bad cholesterol.

4. Treatment of Sore Throat and Asthma

With a high Vitamin C content, jamun has been popular in Ayurveda for both prevention and treatment of colds and sore throat. Functioning as an expectorant, jamun aids in treating bronchitis and asthma.

5. Antioxidant and Blood Purifier

Jamun is a known antioxidant that improves immunity. Rich in iron, it aids hemoglobin production and purifies the blood, helping to avert skin problems. It also increases collagen production, improving skin’s youthful appearance.

6. Anti-cancer

Jamun has anti-tumor properties, reducing tumor size and also reducing spread of cancer cells to other body organs.


In order to treat any potentially serious disease using natural remedies, we recommend consulting with a naturopathic physician or herbalist. You can then determine a program to add bitter gourd powder and jamun juice and/or seed powder to your regimen. If you are currently taking prescription diabetes medication, this should always be done with the inclusion of your primary health care practitioner.

Just don’t be intimidated if your doctor is not convinced that an herbal remedy will help you. In the western world, modern medicine teaches that there is no way to successfully treat diabetes naturally. Most patients, believing that there are no other options, start down a lengthy road that does not lead to improving their situation. This path merely treats them through an inevitable process of decline.

Many western medical practitioners know nothing about herbs, as their confidence and practice is built upon modern medicine. Fortunately, east does meet west! Now, remedial measures that have been known by some cultures for thousands of years are available to all. Everyone now has the ability to treat diabetes naturally, with the help of herbs like bitter gourd and jamun.

The choice of how to treat your body is yours, so, ultimately, it’s on you to decide the best treatment. And it’s always a good idea to watch your diet and do everything you can to maintain healthy eating habits.

If you want to really boost your overall health, taking just a little bit of fresh bitter gourd juice every so often is a super-tonic, but it’s not easy to find fresh bitter gourd. Sometimes it is available at Asian or Indian markets. It’s highly bitter, so adding a bit of honey or lemon will help to mitigate that bitter taste. Drinking karela juice is useful, even if you do not suffer from diabetes!

You can buy loose karela powder ✓ (bitter gourd) online, or you can buy bottled karela veggie capsules ✓ or dried organic karela fruit ✓ that you can rehydrate as needed and add to smoothies or soups. You can also buy jamun powder or jamun veggie capsules ✓. I’d suggest starting with capsules first, because they are no fuss and you can test out these herbs with minimum effort and expense… unless you don’t mind bitter tastes or you’re into filling your own capsules. 😊

Dr. Wakde’s also sells a combination product of jamun and karela powder together in capsules; for some reason they are not available on Amazon, but they are on his own online shop and they ship from London.

If you are a diabetic patient, it’s worth looking into, because, what could be better than avoiding further suffering in life??

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*This Article First Written:  October 11, 2020
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