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Tips: Understanding Social Engineering

Covid Edward Bernays Social Engineering

The years of Covid chaos have really taken a toll on the world. We’ve suffered through the dramatic presentation of a world health crisis, and the resulting stress of oppressive societal dictates. This article discusses the history of social engineering and how it is currently impacting our personal and societal wellness.

Since the introduction of Covid, in early 2020, I think we can all agree that we’ve been collectively lambasted with breaking news about numbers, variants, risks, restrictions and so on, from morning ‘til night.

But despite how awful the situation has been described, main stream news outlets and relevant health agencies haven’t made much effort to suggest that we take common sense health actions in our daily lives. We, at Enchanted SpiceBox, have personally noted this glaring gap, because our focus for the last 35 years has been natural health and wellness.

I’m talking about advice to do simple things like:

  • Getting fresh air
  • Getting regular exercise and Vitamin D from the sun
  • Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Getting to sleep at a decent hour
  • Taking immune strengthening herbs, supplements and vitamins

Instead, we’ve been bombarded with instructions to stay inside, wear face masks and to socially distance from everyone – including our loved ones. Oh, and to get experimental gene therapy injections.

In the UK, citizens were grudgingly “allowed” a mere 30 minutes outside per day for “exercise.” Then they were often harassed, ticketed or arrested, if they weren’t moving fast enough.

Although influencers in the natural wellness and self-help fields have encouraged their followers to use good natural health practices, that angle has been all but missing from the main stream public narrative.

Well, early on, China and Madagascar made a commendable effort to help their citizens relieve symptoms with natural remedies using local herbs, like artemisia – I wrote a whole article about how powerful artemisia is a proven anti-viral wonder herb – it’s amazing!

artemisia annua benefits
Artemisia Annua Herb

But with the exception of a couple of other African countries and Germany, main stream media pretty much either chastised China and Madagascar for trying, or ignored their efforts to use natural remedies (which had positive results, by the way).

Instead, humankind was repeatedly threatened and made to feel guilty, while being reinforced with new buzz phrases like:

  • Alone, Together
  • Stay at Home to Stay Safe
  • Our World will Never Be the Same
  • Social Distancing is the New Normal
  • Stay Home, Save lives
  • Flatten the Curve

And those terms don’t really help us to maintain good health on a daily basis, do they? After all this time, it tends to feel like social distancing was just a new buzz word in the realm of public relations or “social engineering.”

All of this has caused a lot of stress for populations, be it due to the restrictions, economic hardship, social divisiveness or political oppression. Not to mention the increase in other physical illnesses due to refusal of treatment during the last two years while the focus was on Covid.

Only now, are we are able to look back at what has been accomplished. And what we see in many parts of the world, is that the very principles that drove the Covid narrative have been upended due to lack of proof and effectiveness. The message has been revoked, revised, reworded, sometimes reinforced, or re-presented with new language.

And, in other parts of the world, despite the growing evidence of failed measures that were enforced to be our saving grace, governments have doubled down on their enforcement of those same protocols that didn’t prove effective. This has been done even in the light of obvious mistakes, and misguided attempts to control not only Covid, but also societal norms.

The news we get about Covid and how to treat it, does not appear to have grown organically… instead it starts to seem like a really large scale campaign of social engineering.

I’ll explain why I think that in a moment.

But I will say that, as time goes on, more and more people have begun to notice that something is very wrong with the way governments and corporations of the world have responded.

Even the most trusting soul starts to take notice when elected officials (public servants) around the world intentionally insult, scare, marginalize and harass a large percentage of their constituencies. We’re talking about those citizens who helped elect them to public office, but have not fallen in line with governmental attempts to intrude in their personal health choices.

I think public response has been slow, partly because the average person (somehow) does not think that they are being marketed or sold something for ulterior motives… especially when it comes to health.

I do think about these things, because our job at Enchanted SpiceBox is to find natural solutions to health problems, which includes mental and societal issues that impact our wellbeing. And then, once we identify issues, we do our best to present solutions to our readers.


Who Benefits?

It seems pretty obvious to me that the principle of cui bono should be first and foremost on our minds when we consider the societal impositions we’re enduring.

Merriam-Webster defines cui bono:

cui bono : [noun] a principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain.”

And it is not just a theory to state that pharmaceutical companies, government officials, politicians and hospitals have made multi-billions in the last 2 years – above and beyond their wildest dreams…. and have conspired to do so. It’s been verified, even in the main stream news.

So yes, we can clearly see exactly who is gaining from this social project.

In society, just like in the human body, if you leave a symptom untreated, it will inevitably get worse and cause even more problems. Social issues don’t get better if we ignore them and act like nothing is happening. The first step toward wellness, both personal and societal, is to recognize and acknowledge that something is amiss.

What is Social Engineering, Who Was Edward Bernays, And Why It Matters for Societal Health and Wellness

social engineering and covid

It is well known that there are “think tanks,” foundations, councils and agencies that regularly convene to discuss the future of life – our lives – on earth. Politicians, billionaires, consultants and corporate CEO’s regularly maneuver themselves to be the determining voices for the course of society.

During this time especially, instead of asking ourselves what virtual music concert we could “attend” on line or what trending Covid-19 themed accessory to buy, we should’ve been taking notice that society is being restructured through new social measures.

It’s not like they even hide their intent. The notorious World Economic Forum has been forthcoming about their plans for the rest of us. The forum’s founder, Klaus Schwab, even wrote a book about it, titled “Covid-19: The Great Reset.”

Within his vision of how society should be engineered going forward, Schwab’s stand on “stakeholder capitalism” sounds altruistic at face value. But what he doesn’t mention is that his vision includes the same group of elites controlling even more aspects of our lives. Envisioning themselves as “trustees of society” they will continue to profit from the results of that expanded control. He recently publicly stated at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs:

“What the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity” explaining how upcoming technology will allow authorities to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.”

This concept does not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling…

These elite decision makers don’t hide their hypocrisy either. When these elite groups meet to discuss (our) future, they often talk about how we (the Masses) need to reduce our carbon footprints. No mention that they arrived to their mountaintop retreat meetings individually, in their own private jets, (no jet-pooling for them!) wasting more resources in one event than the average person ever could or would in their day to day lives..

Like it or not, or believe it or not, social engineering is not new. For those who don’t believe in or understand the concept of social engineering, I suggest watching the 2002 BBC Documentary “The Century of the Self” about the life of Edward Louis Bernays (1891-1995).

It’s fascinating, enlightening and to be honest, more than just a bit creepy.

Bernays, the Austrian-American nephew of Sigmund Freud, was almost single-handedly responsible for re-purposing the concept of “propaganda” in America into “Pubic Relations.” Sounds much more innocent, doesn’t it?

In his first campaign, he was recruited by President Woodrow Wilson to Wilson’s Committee on Public Information created in 1917. Wilson tasked Bernays with intentionally using propaganda to influence the American population to willingly engage in World War I.

Covid Bernays Social Engineering
Edward Bernays promoting WWI Liberty Bonds

Based on the success of his efforts, Bernays was hired by some of the most influential business owners in the United States to turn American society into a “consumer society” beginning in the 1920’s.

This is social engineering.

Bernays wrote an essay on his findings and practices on propoganda in 1928, which he opened with this statement:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.“

Bernays’ theory was quite simple, actually. If you can manipulate the masses to desire as you want them to, to believe that they need whatever you are promoting… whether that be a product, action, concept, health treatment, or need for war – then the direction of society will be changed and a small percentage will reap financial benefits and gain control over the masses.

This is the concept, and whether or not the “product” actually delivers its advertised benefit is inconsequential. Sounds familiar these days…

Bernays put his theory into action in other campaigns such as:

1. His first project was on behalf of the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA). Through a complex campaign, Bernays was able to convince American public that aluminum fluoride (an industrial waste product of aluminum smelting) would improve dental health if added to America’s drinking water. This was promoted by ALCOA knowingly, against all scientific studies to the contrary. With health officials enticed to put their stamp of approval on the theory, the concept was marketed to the public,.

Thus, Bernays created ready buyers for ALCOA’s industrial waste, circumventing their burden of hefty disposal fees. This industrial waste “fluoride” is now ubiquitous in city drinking water systems worldwide.

It is not natural fluoride. It is toxic industrial waste that doesn’t help dental health, but rather, adds to our daily intake of toxins. Now, that’s some hefty social engineering… we were actually “sold” the concept that we need this waste material in our drinking water!

Who benefits? Not only the aluminum smelting companies, but the medical industry that treats our resultant illnesses….

And this one:

2. One of Bernays’ most popular achievements was to gain increased market share for the American Tobacco Company, by shifting public sentiment in favor of women smoking cigarettes. His successful campaign began by organizing several women to smoke Lucky Strike cigarettes – in public for the first time – on floats in New York City’s 1929 Easter Day Parade.

When polls showed that women didn’t purchase Lucky Strikes because the green and red package was not a color-coordinating fashion accessory, he then manipulated fashion industry “influencers” of the day to promote the color green.

By funding galas and luncheons around “green-colored” themes and inducing society women to embrace green-colored fashions, not only was female smoking promoted by Bernays, but wearing green became a new fashion statement, all for the sake of the American Tobacco Company!

Covid Edward Bernays Social Engineering
Note: green dress and earrings matching the cigarette package!

And this:

3. Fascinated by his uncle Freud’s psychiatric theories, Bernays wasn’t hesitant about using his arts of persuasion to topple governments or in using dishonest means to sway public opinion for a political coup.

This was most dramatically evidenced by his work on behalf of his client, United Fruit Company of Guatemala. In order to retain United Fruit’s market share majority of fruit sales, Bernays concocted an elaborate campaign to convince the world that the democratic government of Guatemala was Communist and needed to be overthrown – all for the monetary gain of United Fruit. And Bernays, of course…

Who would have believed, while it was happening, that a government was toppled and lives were lost for the sake of banana sales?

Like I said, more than just a little creepy, when you think about it….

The ghost of Edward Bernays must be frolicking with delight at the moment, in whatever place souls are consigned after a lifetime of inhumane and often brutal manipulation of the public. This manipulation was not for the public betterment, but for the sake of increased power and money for oppressive governments and corporations.

Bernays is long gone, but the art of propaganda (that is, public relations…or social engineering), evidenced by the Covid scenario and its far-reaching effects on public opinion and legislation, is far from extinguished.

But we are not the innocent populations of the early 20th century…… or are we?

I want to think that the world’s society has seen enough social engineering to recognize it, as it is happening right now. But sadly, I see the majority of the population falling into the predictable patterns that were set up long ago.

Bernays was able to tap into the psyche of a person, and therefore a population. He was able to convince whole populations that a product or concept was just the thing needed for happiness and sense of Self.

Women in the 1920’s were convinced that they would be slimmer, more attractive, and more empowered for equality if they smoked cigarettes. They were even marketed to believe that smoking certain cigarettes was good for their throats. The cigarette companies were well aware that the addictive chemicals in their products that encouraged repeat business would increase cancer, but public health was not the goal. The goal was increased market-share and profits.

As time has moved along in our current scenario, those in powerful positions (government, media and corporate) who are most forcefully promoting the “vaccines” for Covid, have been outed as having undisputed connections to the pharmaceutical companies, medical supply companies and chemical companies poised to financially benefit from this pandemic.

Covid Edward Bernays Social ENgineering

One might even start to think, like in the times of Bernays, that these spokespersons have been hired, like Hollywood actors, to play a role in “public relations” to engineer public thinking, yet again.

Does that bother you?

According to Bernaysian practices for swaying public opinion, it’s small wonder that so many have jumped right into the idea of a Covid Passport. Even when the product we were “sold” turns out to not be producing the result that was promised.

We’ve been marketed for the last 2 years to believe that we truly NEED an injection and a Covid passport to keep ourselves safe. Governments continue to push through these demands despite the fact that in various countries with a majority of the population jabbed, the protocol has failed to control Covid. And the number of boosters (read: profit) increases over time, to keep the passport valid – regardless of whether or not the boosters help or hurt the people (just like cigarettes in the 1920’s).

Covid Edward Bernays Social Engineering


I am encouraged, though, that our world will never be the same. I hope that this wave of engineered panic, based on unscientific and unverified data, will wake up our world population to how we are being guided into a society that we have not been invited to help design. Or worse, a society that we have been guided to promote ourselves, due to false propaganda.

I hope that social distancing (despite the efforts of whatever think-tank devised that catchy phrase) will never become normal, and regular people stand firm in deciding their own fates.

Whose version of Covid-19 will go down in history? Will Sweden’s approach to the threat be touted? Or will Spain’s dictatorial restrictions be lauded? Will the USA’s diverse restriction guidelines be white-washed or exulted?

Regardless, none of that will matter if we allow ourselves to be “sold” by propaganda into accepting authoritarian governmental decrees aimed at making us jump questionable new hoops – just to maintain the rights that we freely exercised before.

This, while they herd us toward a dystopian techno-future that, based on Bernaysian public relations, is not somewhere we should readily want to go.


We do have the power to take more control over our bodies and our wellness! We invite you to peruse our numerous articles on specific health ailments, general well being and how to be more self sufficient in maintaining good health and peace of mind.

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  • Image of Edward Bernays courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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