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All posts in our Side Dishes category are shown most recent first and include a variety of vegetarian and vegan side dish recipes. From salads to veggie side dishes to quick breads, vegetarian appetizers and snacks, these all natural dishes are tasty and nutritional and made from scratch – no junk food fixes here! Recipes include lots of detailed instructions and photos to help you along!

agave glazed beets and carrots

Easy Agave Glazed Beets And Carrots

    Naturally sweet fresh beets and carrots get a little kick from a tangy lemony-orange agave sauce. Perfect for a holiday side dish or a...

    vegetarian mushroom gravy

    Perfect Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy

      Are you looking for a hearty vegetarian gravy recipe without meat pan drippings? This gravy gets its flavor from butter, mushrooms, spices and...

      jalapeño cornbread

      Perfect Jalapeño Cornbread

        This light and fluffy jalapeño cornbread has just the right balance of sweet and savory. Plus, the pinch of jalapeño adds a nice little...

        cilantro pesto

        Cilantro Pesto With Roasted Red Peppers

          Fresh fragrant cilantro, peppers, crushed walnuts and garlic all come together in minutes to make this fantastic cilantro pesto with roasted...

          Ginger Benefits And A Ginger Citrus Juice (Gnamacoudji)

          Ginger Benefits And A Refreshing Ginger Citrus Juice Recipe (Gnamakoudji)

            Ginger has so many incredible health benefits that it’s widely acclaimed as “the Universal Medicine” in the traditional healing system of...

            Classic Indian Masala (Spiced) Chai

            Classic Indian Masala (Spiced) Chai

              There’s nothing so invigorating as a cup of Indian masala chai tea – sweetened black tea with milk and an array of aromatic spices. The...

              cucumber tomato salad with purple basil

              Fresh Cucumber-Tomato Salad With Purple Basil

                This salad brings together cucumbers, tomatoes, chunks of cheese and onions with fresh purple basil. Tossed in either a light vinaigrette or a...

                Savory Besan Chilla Pancakes

                Savory Besan Chilla Pancakes

                  For a quick protein-filled breakfast, lunch or snack, try these savory Indian besan (gram flour) pancakes. Besan chilla pancakes are always a...

                  Spicy Rosemary Cheese Crackers

                  Spicy Rosemary Cheese Crackers

                    Savory cheese crackers are even more fantastic when they become spicy rosemary cheese crackers! Absolutely a positive addiction, these cheddar...

                    Easy Cheesy Caramelized Onion Pinwheels

                    Easy Cheesy Caramelized Onion Pinwheels

                      If you want a super-delish and easy bread item, try these easy cheesy caramelized onion pinwheels. In just a few minutes you can have some...

                      Orange Ginger Marmalade

                      Irresistible Orange Ginger Marmalade

                        This delicious orange marmalade has an additional zing that comes from including fresh ginger in the mix. Easy to make and excellent on toast...

                        Georgian Eggplant and Walnut Rolls

                        Georgian Eggplant And Walnut Rolls (Badrijani Nigvzit)

                          Delicious walnut and garlic paste rolled inside thin strips of eggplant – these tasty appetizers are so easy to make! The delicately spiced...

                          Moroccan Mint Tea And Blue Skies

                          Moroccan Mint Tea And Blue Skies

                            For all of our traveling, we rarely go anywhere just for a vacation. But, one year, we were on our way to Europe for a project, and it made...

                            flaky baked samosas

                            Flaky Baked Samosas With Golden Plum-Ginger Chutney

                              Traditional scrumptious Indian potato samosa snacks are made more healthy by baking instead of frying. With the same delicately spiced herb and...

                              wheat bread

                              6 Ingredient, No-fail Wheat Bread

                                Six simple ingredients are all you need for a wholesome loaf of homemade wheat bread. With a blend of whole wheat and all purpose flour, it's...

                                butternut squash knotted rolls

                                Butternut Squash Knotted Rolls

                                  These light and fluffy dinner rolls are twisted into pretty knots and brushed with garlic butter. Adding roasted butternut squash to the dough...


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