Shilajit Resin: Created by Nature for Good Health and Energy

shilajit resin

Shilajit resin is a naturally occurring mineral pitch that is collected from high mountainous rocky areas. This miraculous resin has amazing benefits for health, energy and stamina.

What happens when plant material is naturally compressed into rock over thousands of years?

Much like coal becomes diamonds, high mountain ranges produce a gift from nature that is totally unique. It is not really plant matter, definitely not animal, but rather, is a mineral pitch (tar) known as shilajit resin. This resin oozes from rocks when the weather gets warm during summers at very high altitudes (from 3-5,000 meters or 9-15,000 ft).

It has been collected by locals in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Russia for millennia. Shilajit is a miraculous resin, seemingly created by nature for our health.

shilajit resin

Why is Shilajit Resin Important for Health?

The ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts of traditional medicine have detailed records of this incredible substance. These records catalog shilajit’s wide range of health benefits. Its unique composition contains amino acids, enzymes, phytonutrients and over 80 trace minerals.

shilajit resin

Shilajit’s name has been translated as, “destroyer of weakness,” “rock-invincible” and “conqueror of mountains.” This is due to shilajit’s ability to carry nutrients throughout the human body and provide energy.

The sticky, usually dark brown or tar-like shilajit resin can be taken daily for numerous health conditions. It is either melted in hot water and taken as a tea or scooped into pea sized pellets and popped into the mouth to be swallowed with water.

Granted, its taste is not something you will cheer about – it’s earthy, gritty and dirty tasting. But. The benefits far outweigh the taste factor! For those who can’t handle the taste, shilajit resin can also be purchased in tablet or capsule form. (see shopping links in Conclusion at the end of this article)

Let’s look at the health benefits from shilajit:

Energy Booster

Shilajit’s chemical components of fulvic and humic acids are prime for delivering energy to the body by stimulating energy production within cells.

Fulvic acids accomplish this by feeding more nutrients to mitochondria, the small organelles (cellular sub-parts) of the body. With more nutrients, cells can better process oxygen.

Students, working adults, stay-at-home-moms, work-out buffs and professional athletes all benefit from the energy boost provided by shilajit resin.

Helps Fight Depression While Improving Mental Capability

Shilajit’s nootropic action aids in releasing dopamine, one of the many brain chemicals responsible for a positive mental state. Increased flow of dopamine aids in focus and concentration. Shilajit resin also aids in naturally promoting calmness and mood elevation.

With its positive effect on cognitive abilities, shilajit resin aids in countering degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.


Shilajit has powerful antivirus and anti-inflammatory actions that are beneficial for relieving joint stiffness and arthritis symptoms. It also soothes inflammation prevalent in those suffering from gastric ulcers.

Antimicrobial and Antiviral

Shilajit resin’s main components are antiviral in effect and work synergistically to inhibit pathogens such as those in various viruses like herpes and candida. Staph infections and E-Coli also respond to shilajit’s beneficial organic acids.

Men’s Health – Fertility

shilajit resin

Shilajit promotes testosterone production and activity in those with healthy sperm levels. It also aids in raising sperm count and activity for those suffering from testosterone deficiency. This is even more important these days when many men notice decreased sperm production, often associated with use of laptops and cell phones. Working in environments with high electromagnetic activity over long periods of time can add to the difficulties.

While increasing fertility, shilajit resin also increases vitality and performance.

The fulvic acid content in shilajit is also responsible for increased muscle strength, which is useful for athletes and performers.

Women’s Health

Taken regularly, shilajit resin aids in regulating the hormonal system and menstrual cycles, helping blood flow to reproductive organs. This helps to remove toxins that may accumulate and cause disease. In post-menopausal women, shilajit supports the skeletal system by aiding in bone density and promotes post-fracture healing of bones. Shilajit’s high iron content also helps to create hemoglobin in the blood, which counteracts anemia.


Shilajit resin is high in antioxidants and reduces damage to cells due to aging. It also reduces free radicals that speed up the aging process.

Anti-cancer Action

Shilajit’s unique components aid in destruction of cancer cells and in halting multiplication of cancer cells.


This amazing natural mineral substance really helps the body’s organs to function optimally. It is unsurpassed in providing energy and aiding both men and women to slow down the aging process.

When purchasing shilajit resin, be sure to purchase from a reliable source that provides testing certification for purity. Shilajit can be purchased in loose powder ✓, paste and capsule form ✓.

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