Remarkable Sangre de Drago: 7 Reasons Why You Need This for First-Aid

sangre de drago

Sangre de Drago, or Dragon’s Blood, is a tree resin from South America with a long history of use for wounds and healing. Keep it in your first-aid kit for digestive problems, viral infections and mouth or gum issues, too.

You probably know by now that Jay and I are super-enthusiasts when it comes to natural remedies. So, we’re always on the lookout for natural solutions when one or another random health issue occurs. This is especially important when we travel. So when we were living in Ecuador, we were really excited to discover the local natural medicine known as Sangre de Drago, or Dragon’s blood. And now we’ll share with you seven reasons why this remarkable substance, Sangre de Drago, belongs in your first-aid kit.

Where does Sangre de Drago come from?

sangre de drago

Although it does not actually come from a fabled dragon (nope, it’s 100% plant based!) this deep crimson-red tree resin comes from Croton lechleri trees. Other varieties are known as Dracaena, Pterocarpus, Daemonorops and Calamus rotang. It has been utilized around the world for thousands of years, and is noted historically by the Greeks and Romans. It is also favored by Arabs, Chinese and Amazonian South Americans, continuing up to the present time. The resin is tapped by hand, much as maple syrup is in the Pacific Northwest of North America.

Renowned for medicinal use by South American indigenous peoples, Sangre de Drago is one of those amazing miracles of nature. This is due to its wide and surprising range of health benefits. It is most often sustainably wildcrafted and a little bit goes a long way.

Sangre de Drago Benefits and Uses

1. Wounds

Sangre de Drago is commonly used to treat wounds such as abrasions, cuts, scratches, bites and stings. After thoroughly cleaning a wound, Sangre de Drago applied topically will prevent bleeding, reduce pain and promote healing. The resin almost immediately forms a latex-type “natural bandage” that seals wounds. Its anti-microbial properties protect wounds from infection. It’s really fascinating to see Sangre de Drago in action, making its super-seal! Great for sealing a cut that won’t stop bleeding or a cut or sore that weeps onto clothing to avoid those pesky blood stains.

2. Anti-diarrhea

Sangre de Drago taken internally can slow down the amount of water that goes through intestines, so is well known as an anti-diarrhea agent.

We didn’t have this issue in Ecuador, but if I returned to South America I would surely want a little bottle of Sangre de Drago with me at all times. I wish we had known about it when we did have stomach problems in India (Delhi Belly! more than once). I would not travel to India again without Dragon’s Blood in my travel medicine kit.

3. Mouth and Gums – Treatment for mouth sores, blisters, scratches or inflammation

Apparently the inside of my mouth is really sensitive and I often scratch or bite the inside of my cheek. It’s painful and takes a while to heal. This happened (again) when we were in Ecuador, so we popped into one of the ubiquitous little ‘vitamin” shops in the town center of Zamora, where we were living. Ecuadorean vitamin shops are packed from floor to ceiling with natural herbal remedies in brightly colored boxes with dramatic illustrations and fanciful names. Corners and aisles are crowded with piles and buckets of dried herbs and herbal mixes in cellophane packages. Very fun if you are into herbs 😉

After describing my difficulty, the proprietor of this shop presented us with a tiny plastic bottle of Sangre de Drago. I tried it and was amazed! Just a few drops of the thick, sticky (er, blood-like) resin swished around in my mouth and then swallowed was enough to diminish my symptoms very quickly. After only one day of swishing and swallowing, my mouth was healed! Sangre de Drago is great for all manner of mouth sensitivity, sores or blisters.

sangre de drago

4. Ulcers/Gastrointestinal Disorders

Taken internally, Sangre de Drago is effective in treating gastric ulcers, inflammation and intestinal disorders. It neutralizes food born pathogens such as salmonella and E. Coli.

5. Anti-viral

Sangre de Drago can be used in treatment of viruses such as flu, Hepatitis A and B, and Herpes Simplex.

6. Skin Care

Sangre de Drago is an effective treatment for acne due to its antibacterial properties.

Also, many companies have successfully incorporated Sangre de Drago into skin care creams and serums, due to its acclaimed anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, restorative and protective capabilities.

7. Anti-cancer

There have been numerous studies that indicate Sangre de Drago’s potential in treating cancer, diabetes and neuro-degenerative diseases.


Sangre De Drago is inexpensive and effective for a large variety of health ailments. That’s why I say that Sangre de Drago belongs in your first-aid kit!

It has a strongly astringent taste; not wonderful, but is not as bitter as other herbs. If taken internally, a few drops can be diluted in water if you can’t handle the taste. Believe me, the results warrant a little taste discomfort.

If you’re traveling in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil or Peru you can easily find Sangre de Drago in most vitamin or “natural” shops for a couple of dollars. If you want to be 100% covered and be 100% sure of the quality, you can always buy a bottle online like this excellent one that is called Sangre de Grado, as Dragon’s blood is also known ✓, just to have on hand (it’s for internal use and can also be used on skin).

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