Radish Greens: 11 Amazing Health Benefits

radish greens

Radish greens might not seem like superfoods but they have amazing health benefits. Great for digestion, anti-diabetes, immune-boosting, heart strengthening and more, these often overlooked greens are important for health.

Green drinks and smoothies are so popular with healthy-minded people these days. So, it’s about time that the humble radish is finally in the spotlight! Beautiful, colorful spicy radishes (Raphanus raphanistrum) are regularly featured in salads, veggie rolls and wraps. But the bright leafy greens atop the root are overlooked and (horror!) often tossed out with the compost. No more! The season of the radish green is upon us… and for good reason. Keep reading for fourteen surprising reasons why I say that radish greens are the latest leafy veggie trend.

Radish greens have great benefit, not only for enjoying in meals, but even for health. Traditional medicinal systems all over the world tell us that radish greens contain more nutrients than the radish itself.

Radish greens have a peppery, spicy taste and are delicious when used in greens mixes for fresh salads. Due to their spiciness, use them in moderation. The baby leaves are best for salads, because larger leaves tend to be fuzzier, with a less pleasant mouth feel.

Young radish leaves taste great tucked into sandwiches and meat or veggie wraps. Larger greens lose their fuzziness when sautéed (excellent with garlic and lemon!) or added to soups. Use them in recipes in the same way as spinach.

In fact, here is a list of good reasons for including radish greens, either fresh, juiced or cooked in your diet from now on.

radish greens

Radish Greens For Health

1. Boosts Immune Health

Radish greens contain a very high Vitamin C and iron content. This protects the body from infection, while combating fatigue and anemia.

2. Heart Strengthening

Radish Greens may reduce heart disease by improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. They also protect veins and arteries by reducing oxidative stress, an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body.

3. Improve Digestion and Gut Health

Radish greens contain an abundance of dietary fiber, which is useful in preventing constipation. This allows for detoxification of the digestive tract. Additionally, eating bitter radish greens stimulates production of digestive bile, which also helps digestion.

4. Prevent and Treat Piles

Inflammation is soothed by drinking radish leaf juice, thus the colon is kept functioning properly. If constipation has resulted in piles, the anti-bacterial qualities of the juice will aid in reducing swelling.

5. Improve Liver Function

radish greens juice

Radish greens juice is a diuretic and is known to stimulate urination and promote proper liver function. That is helpful in treating jaundice and other liver related diseases.

6. Anti-diabetes

Drinking radish greens juice can aid in controlling blood sugar levels by lowering blood glucose.

7. Anti-fungal, Anti-candida

Radish greens can purify toxins from the body. Removing this waste (that manifests as yeast) cools the system, and removes bloating and lethargy.

8. Remove Gallstones

Radish greens juice is very effective in naturally dissolving cholesterol gallstones and improving gall bladder function. It is also successful in removing kidney stones.

9. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-aging

Juice from radish greens is highly beneficial in reducing inflammation. When taken internally, it has a positive effect on people who are prone to acne. It is also useful when applied topically to the face.

Inflammation is an underlying cause of many chronic diseases and drinking radish greens juice reduces risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and more.

10. Anti-cancer

Radish greens juice has anti-carcinogenic properties. As drinking the juice reduces inflammation and toxicity, any present cancer cells are slowed from proliferating.

11. Weight Loss

Radish greens have unique characteristics that are known to improve metabolism and radish greens are also diuretic. Therefore, drink radish greens juice before a meal to reduce the appetite. This will help in portion control at meal times.

Now you have all the reasons to include inexpensive and delicious radish greens to your diet.

radish greens

Ways to Use Radish Leaves

1. Topically

Traditional medicinal systems recommend making a paste of ground leaves, leaf juice and a little bit of sugar and using this topically to soothe inflammation or rash.

2. For Candida

You can treat candida using radish greens. Just make a tea of the leaves and drink that for several days. You could make a juice instead, although some people find radish juice too intense. Adding carrot juice takes some of the “bite” out of the flavor.

3. For Weight Loss

As mentioned above, drinking a cup of radish leaf juice before meals helps to diminish the appetite and adjust metabolism. Try this approach for at least two weeks (or longer!) to see best effects.

If you would like to see recipes where radish greens could be substituted, you can check out Curried Greens with Potato and Cilantro Pesto.

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