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Product Review – Sangre de Grado (Dragon’s Blood) – Amazon Therapeutics


Sangre de Grado is a pure resin sap that comes from the Croton Lechleri tree. This amazing natural substance is a powerful first-aid resource that can do everything from stopping a cut from bleeding to correcting intestinal issues. It is excellent for stopping diarrhea and for general digestive support. Sangre de Grado can also be used to heal wounds such as mouth sores, and to repair receding gums, bleeding gums and viral sores, such as herpes blisters.

Sangre de Grado is a common remedy found in the Amazonian regions of South America. The resin is harvested from trees much like maple syrup is harvested from maple trees. When the bark of the tree is “tapped”, the deep red resin flows freely, and resembles blood, hence the name “dragon’s blood.”

Why Amazon Therapeutics Sangre de Grado?

sangre de drago
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Amazon Therapeutics, along with Maca Magic, is a brand of Herbs America, a 20 year veteran company whose aim is to research and cultivate herbal medicines of the Amazon region for the betterment of the land and people. With a history of protecting the rights and lands of the indigenous communities who provide their wide range of herbal products from South America, Amazon Therapeutics’ mission includes supporting indigenous land rights, plant rights and preserving the local jungles in the Amazon Basin.

Amazon Therapeutics ensures that all of their products are sustainably grown and harvested, using the traditional formulations that the local tribals have known and practiced for thousands of years. They participate in the South American Congress that seeks to counterbalance bio-piracy and bio-prospecting done by large pharmaceutical companies, who attempt to patent and “own” indigenous plants and medicinal formulas. Amazon Therapeutics aims to provide beneficial traditional medicine to all humans for their better health, while balancing that goal with the sustainable and conscientious care for the land.

Amazon Therapeutics, Sangre de Grado, Dragon’s Blood, 1 Oz

Amazon Therapeutics produces its Sangre de Grado in small lots to ensure freshness and the vital natural medicinal value of the resinous sap. The sap from Croton lechleri trees is wild-crafted (harvested from the natural environment where it grows) and is also sustainably cultivated in small plots, where it is grown according to the best practices by native master herbalists.

This natural product is concentrated, and only a few drops are needed to receive therapeutic results. It is safe to use for specific wound and digestive healing, and is an excellent antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial natural remedy. It’s natural flavor is astringent, and it is usually taken internally for digestive issues by adding a few drops into a small cup of warm water. When used topically, it is “painted” on the skin to cover a wound, and then air-dried to make a “second skin” natural bandage that keeps a wound free from infection, while promoting healing. The resin will only temporarily stain skin, but will stain fabrics… so it’s best to let it dry on the skin before covering with clothes.


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