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Product ReviewOrganic Motherwort Extraxt Eclectic Institute

Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is a favored nervine herbal remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With a long history as a "cardiotonic” herb, motherwort is a powerful remedy for all heart ailments. Especially known for treating viral myocarditis, motherwort also strengthens the entire heart muscle, and eases heart arrhythmia.

Motherwort is a most interesting herb, because not only does it improve the condition of the physical heart, but it also works to soothe the heart emotionally. This is important because tension, worry and stress can bring on heart problems, too. So, not only outside causes such as viruses can cause heart problems, but our own emotions can cause heart harm. Motherwort is useful to stop a racing heart and heart palpitations. For this reason, it can also be used to relax an overactive mind and to help sleep.

Why Eclectic Institute?

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Eclectic institute was founded in 1982 by two naturopathic physicians dedicated to using botanicals for natural healing. Today, on their own farm in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, Eclectic Herbs grows many of the organic herbs they use in their organic extracts. When necessary, they source the highest quality certified organic herbs available from trusted partners.

Using a unique technology to freeze-dry fresh herbs durin. their production process, Eclectic Herbs strives to create a wide range of affordable 100% organic alcohol-based extracts. Additionally, they were one of the first organic herbal companies to perfect the use of glycerin-based non-alcoholic extracts. Since 1994, these extracts have become popular staples in Eclectic’s growing product line. Today, their products include not only herbal extracts, but also mineral supplements, herbal creams and multivitamins

Eclectic Institute, Organic Motherwort Extract

This two-ounce (2oz) bottle of organic motherwort flowering tops is perfect for cardiac use. Please see this article if you’d like more information on motherwort and myocarditis.The motherwort used in this extract is 100% organic, and picked at the height of its potency period for maximum effectiveness. It is preserved in organic grain-free alcohol. This is a natural product, so shaking the bottle well before using is suggested. The recommended dosage is one dropper full in water, up to three times per day.


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