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Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been known around the world for its numerous health benefits through the ages. Ginger traveled from area to area, traded by people who appreciated its spicy delicious flavor as well as its ability to treat many ills. Ginger is also not difficult to grow and can thrive in various climes. For that reason, ginger is one of the easiest spices to find wherever you are, and luckily for us all, it is not very expensive!

Ginger is probably best known for its ability to calm nausea caused by travel, pregnancy, and chemical medical therapies. Also well known is ginger’s ability to improve digestion, which relieves bloating and gas. But there’s so much more! Ginger can also boost immunity, help with weight loss, relieve arthritic and other body pain, and even surpress cancer growth as it removes toxins from the body.

Why Frontier Co-op Organic Dried Ginger?

Frontier Co-op began in 1976 as a two-person operation selling herbs and spices in their local state of Iowa, USA. Over the years, Frontier has now grown to be a 40,000 member community-owned natural products cooperative. Frontier prioritizes not only the quality of their vast array of products, but is also driven by environmental and social responsibility.

Today Frontier Co-op is a major supplier in the natural product industry. They bottle their own line of essential oils and spices, and have developed a large line of their own organic products. Frontier hosts the HerbFest conference on herbs and sustainable living yearly, and takes part in the betterment their own company employees, through company wide benefits. Through Fair Trade practices and donations, they also participate in the care of those companies and communities around the world who supply the ingredients for their wide range of healthful products.

Frontier Co-op Organic Dried Ginger Powder 1 Lb

Frontier Co-op dried organic ginger powder is spicy and warming. It can be added in baking and cooking and can also be taken as a supplement. With all of ginger’s known health benefits, it is helpful to add ginger to your daily diet. Organic dried ginger can be added to hot water (with or without a sweetener of your choice) for a healthy ginger tea beverage, or taken by mouth to dispel nausea. Bulk ginger powder has so many uses for health and cooking… we hope this product review has inspired you to experiment with Frontier Co-op organic ginger powder ! Note: Frontier’s ginger powder is also kosher and non-irradiated.


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