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Product Review – Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil – Heritage Store


Castor oil is truly one of nature’s most amazing creations. It’s usefulness has been documented for thousands of years, for both internal and external use. Internally, castor oil is well known for its colon cleansing benefits. But, even more incredible is castor oil’s ability to dissolve cysts and tumors. Castor oil is a discutient, that is, a substance that can draw out accumulated toxins from bodily tissues.

This is best done by applying castor oil packs, prepared by soaking cotton or wool flannel cloths with castor oil and externally covering the affected area. Heat application is also suggested for enhancing the castor oil pack’s healing abilities.

Why Organic Castor Oil?

Among natural remedies, castor oil is easy to find and not very expensive. However, our personal experience, and that of others, has shown us that cold-pressed, organic pure castor oil is much, much more effective for dissolving tumors than the highly refined castor oil found in most drug stores or pharmacies. Today’s drugstore castor oil might not even provide the much desired colon “flush” when taken internally, as Grandma used to prescribe!

Heritage Store’s organic castor oil, is our first choice for all castor oil purposes. Heritage Store Organic Castor oil is vegan, cruelty free, pure and simple – one ingredient only, the 100% organic cold-pressed oil of the castor seed (Ricinus communis).

castor oil

This castor oil is also hexane-free, which is important, because hexane is a known allergen that can cause rashes and skin problems. Any product that you choose for skin care or health purposes should always be hexane free!

Organic castor oil is also better for skin and hair care uses, such as in hair conditioning and hair growth treatments, as an ingredient in DIY skin creams and balms, and for improving immunity when massaging into skin.

We wrote this product review to explain the benefits of Heritage Store Organic castor oil, but if you’d like more info about how castor works and how to make castor oil packs to melt away cysts and tumors, please see How To Dissolve Cysts And Tumors Naturally With Amazing Castor Oil.

Heritage Store, Since 1969

Heritage Store was founded with the idea of offering minimal-ingredient natural products that encourage wellness and enhance the mind-body connection. It was only fitting that castor oil was one of the first products made available to those who shared the desire for holistic health care.

Over the decades, Heritage Store has become a trustworthy and much loved holistic community hot spot for positive energy in its hometown of Virgina Beach, Virginia. It has expanded to include a cafe and bookstore. Happily, you can also buy Heritage Store products online. We suggest iHerb, (one of our favorite affiliate companies) that carries a huge range of herbal products, including Heritage Store organic castor oil.

Try some Heritage Store Organic Castor Oil for dissolving cysts and tumors and for its many other health care purposes. We wish you excellent health!


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