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Product Review – Organic Black Tea – Equal Exchange


Do you love tea and want to make sure that you support fair trade when you enjoy your tea? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Enchanted SpiceBox, we love drinking delicious organic teas and we also champion organic farming, farming cooperatives and farmers’ rights. That’s why we’re happy to suggest Equal Exchange Organic Black Tea that you can buy through iHerb, for your next tea purchase.

iHerb (one of our favorite affiliate programs) carries a wide range of Equal Exchange organic teas, including a variety of black teas, green teas, herbal teas and tea blends. We’re featuring Equal Exchange Organic Black Tea here, but you can choose another EE organic fair trade tea option, plus EE coffee, cocoa or chocolate bars, when you click to buy.

Why Equal Exchange Organic Black Tea?

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Since 1986, Equal Exchange Coop, a worker-owned cooperative based in the United States, has been providing wholesome organic products, using fair trade practices when sourcing ingredients. Working with small democratically-operated farmer cooperatives around the world, Equal Exchange strives to not only support the incomes and workers’ rights of their producers, but to also deliver a quality product to the end user-you!

As a part of their jobs, all employees of Equal Exchange are actually required (although it sounds like a perk to me!) to visit one of the farming cooperatives they represent, ensuring that fair trade and organic standards are being met. They also have a chance to experience the many processes that these products go through before they reach your kitchen table.

Equal Exchange Organic Black Tea

Equal Exchange Organic Black Tea contains tea that is sourced from The Small Farmer Tea Project (SFTP) in Kerala, India. SFTP is an organic Fair Trade tea garden managed by TPI, an association dedicated to ensuring the fair treatment and economic advancement of SFTP tribal members who have been marginalized over generations.

Additionally, EE’s tea bags are all natural, made from abaca, a banana plant fiber ingredient. They do not use bleach, but rather use a natural process called “delignification” in the bag production. Unlike other tea bags, Equal Exchange’s tea bags do not contain the toxic solvent, epichlorohydrin, nor are they treated with that substance. They also use organic cotton strings on their tea bags.

There are so many organic teas available, it’s difficult to choose one… so we hope this product review gives you enough insight to try this excellent organic black tea from Equal Exchange! And if you’re interested, check out their fair trade organic cocoa powder ✓ too…


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