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Black seed oil, otherwise known as black cumin oil, black onion oil and kalongi oil among other names, is the pressed oil from the Nigella Sativa plant. This extraordinary oil is acclaimed throughout history as a cure or treatment for literally hundreds of physical ailments. Black seed oil has been used for serious diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and resistant infections, as well as for digestive disorders, ulcers, and anxiety.

With its synergistic array of phytonutrients (plant nutrients) including the unique and powerful thymoquinone, black seed oil is effective in stunting cancer cell growth, boosting immunity and encouraging a healthy complexion.

Why Organic Black Seed Oil?

Black Seed Oil

In our personal experience over many years of using natural remedies, we’ve found that organic oils are the best option. It only makes sense that if you are using an oil for curative purposes, you’d want to choose the purest form of that oil available – why add potentially harmful chemicals or pesticide residues to your body, if you have a choice?

For some unique, hard to find, oils, there may not be an organic source available. But, fortunately, there is excellent organic, cold-pressed black seed oil on the market!

Heritage Store’s Organic Black Seed Oil, is our first choice for all black seed oil health purposes, both external and internal. Heritage Store Organic Black Seed oil is vegan, cruelty free, pure and simple. It contains one ingredient only, the 100% organic cold-pressed oil of the Nigella Sativa plant. Heritage Store’s Black Seed Oil is one of the best on the market in terms of quality versus price-point value. Also, the daily dosage recommended for black seed oil internally is rarely more than 1-3 teaspoons per day, so your black seed oil purchase will last a long while.

This black seed oil is hexane-free, too! That’s important, because hexane is a known allergen that can cause rashes and skin problems. Any product that you choose for skin care or health purposes should always be hexane free.

Organic black seed oil is better for skin and hair care uses, such as skin itch control and scalp nourishment, in DIY skin creams, and for all internal uses especially for stubborn or difficult health issues.

If you would like to read our in-depth articles about black seed oil, please see Black Seed Oil: Powerful Natural Remedy For Itchy Skin and Black Seed Oil Benefits For Cancer And Candida.

Heritage Store, Since 1969

Heritage Store was founded with the idea of offering minimal-ingredient natural products that encourage wellness and enhance the mind-body connection. It is only fitting that black seed oil is one Heritage Store’s most popular products.

Over the decades, Heritage Store has become a trustworthy and much loved holistic community hot spot for positive energy in its hometown of Virgina Beach, Virginia. It has expanded to include a cafe and bookstore. Happily, you can also buy Heritage Store products online! We suggest purchasing Heritage Store Organic Black Seed Oil from iHerb, one of our favorite affiliate companies. iHerb carries a huge range of herbal products, including Heritage Store Organic Black Seed Oil.

Try Heritage Store Organic Black Seed Oil for discouraging cancer growth, to heal itchy skin and for its many other health and skin care purposes. We wish you excellent health and we hope that this product review has inspired you to improve your health with black seed oil!


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