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Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend Mix contains a blend of 10 of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms available today. If you’ve heard about the different healing effects of medicinal or "functional" mushroom varieties and can’t decide which one is best for you, this mix is the perfect solution! Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend Mix is certified organic, and contains equal amounts of Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Shiitake, Enoki, Agarius, Meshima, and Tremella mushrooms, along with Vitamin C from Rosehips.

Four Sigmatic offers this amazing blend because it contains real superfoods – acknowledged as 4 times more powerful than other foods in their ability to enhance the immune system, provide energy, boost brain functioning and much more. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend Mix contains no caffeine, so can be taken from morning to night, delivering its positive benefits to you daily.

Why Are Four Sigmatic Mushroom Products So Outstanding?

Chaga Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend Mix

Tero Isokauppila’s Finnish grandparents turned to chaga mushrooms when coffee was scarce during WWII. They were surprised to discover that medicinal mushrooms are an immune supporting superfood. Decades later, Tero founded a company to bring these superfoods to people everywhere. The name “Four Sigmatic” is derived from the scientific plotting of nutritional values in food. In terms of nutritional potency, medicinal mushrooms fall within the top 100 foods available today (!) having four times (or four sigmas) above the baseline nutritional value.

Unlike many other functional mushroom providers, Four Sigmatic uses only the fruiting bodies of mushrooms – the part that contains the medicinal properties – rather than the mycelium, which does not. So, you get what you are paying for: highest quality medicinal superfood mushroom powder, always organic, with no fillers or isolates. Plus, all of their products are vegan (even their cordyceps is log-grown, so it’s vegan friendly, too!).

The company practices sustainable business, while making sure that their packaging is eco-friendly. They also partner in tree planting programs to give back to the environment.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Mix, 2.12 Oz

This potent mix of medicinal mushrooms comes in a convenient powdered form and has no taste of mushrooms. In fact, it’s somewhat neutral flavor enhances the depth of coffee, hot cocoa drinks, soups, and stews, and will blend into a smoothie. A little goes a long way, and it can be taken daily as a nutritional supplement. Users report that when they mix mushroom powder into their coffee, they do not get the “jitters” that coffee often brings to those who are sensitive to caffeine.

We hope that this product review has provided useful information about medicinal mushrooms! If you’d like more details on how these mushrooms can help specific health issues, please see this article on medicinal mushrooms and pain relief from fibromyalgia that gives a full overview of how medicinal mushrooms benefit many conditions.


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