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Solaray Hawthorn For Heart Health

Hawthorn berries from the hawthorn or may bush, have long been known as a powerful cardiovascular remedy. Western countries, such as those in North America and Europe, as well as Asian countries, report great success in using natural hawthorn berries to treat all forms of heart disease.

Hawthorn is often prescribed for heart palpitations (arrhythmia) and for myocarditis (heart inflammation). Additionally, hawthorn is useful in regulating both high and low blood pressure. Hawthorn is considered one of the safest heart remedies, as its phytonutrients (natural plant compounds) all function together to improve the cellular functioning of the heart. Relaxation of the heart muscle allows for regular blood flow, reduced heart tension, and stopping of heart palpitations. Overall, hawthorn is fantastic for heart health!

Why Solaray Hawthorn?

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Solaray was started in Utah, USA, nearly fifty years ago, with the idea to provide the cleanest herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements under the sun. According to their mission statement, these products help people to “Live Brighter” with the health and well-being to enjoy all important moments of life. Solaray has scoured the world for the highest quality and most effective ingredients for their over 900 products.

Additionally, Solaray uses innovative technologies in the manufacturing of their supplements, which includes rigorous testing and then re-testing, so you can be assured the best bioavailability when you take their products. Solaray also believes everyone should have access to inexpensive top-of-the-line natural supplements. So, part of their mission is to make their products affordable to everyone. You’ll be amazed at the high quality and low prices of most of their products intended for everyday use.

Dedicated to helping create a better Earth, Solaray has developed new packaging for their supplement bottles using 100% Post Consumer Resin. You’ll notice that the color/transparency of each bottle will vary slightly – your sign that they are doing their best to reduce their impact on the environment. Solaray, through their parent company, The Better Being, Co., is also involved in giving back to the community by participating in the Forever Young Foundation. Through this foundation they provide products and services to children and young adults in need of nutritional supplementation.

Solaray, Hawthorn, 525 mg, 180 VegCaps

Solaray’s hawthorn supplement contains powerful cardio-supportive hawthorn berry powder that treats root causes of numerous heart conditions, even heart inflammation that results in myocarditis. This purely vegan product is presented in easy-to-swallow vegetable cellulose capsules – pure and simple! This supplement can be taken as a daily supplement (as per package instructions) help maintain healthy blood pressure levels , mitigate heart palpitations, and to improve overall heart function


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