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Paradise Herbs Arjuna Extract Vegetarian Caplets

Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) has been used for thousands of years to heal heart issues. That’s why it’s known as “the king of heart remedies” in Ayurveda, the natural health system of India. As a tonic herb, arjuna not only helps to prevent heart attacks, but, importantly, arjuna also heals the heart after it has been damaged! Arjuna is a powerful herbal treatment for those with myocarditis, because it helps increase blood flow to the heart and nourishes heart tissue.

Anti-inflammatory arjuna regulates blood pressure, which is key to healing myocarditis. This impressive herb also helps to relieve heart arrhythmia. Bonus: Arjuna not only heals the heart but helps recovery from myocarditis by calming, soothing tension and relieving stress. Arjuna also helps prevent symptoms of angina (pain in the chest) caused by insufficient blood flow to the heart.

Why Paradise Herbs?

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Paradise Herbs has over 25 years of experience with natural herbal supplement production. Paradise Herbs began as a personal passion of founder, Scott Bias, and grew to become a well respected and lasting business. With hundreds of premium quality products, Paradise Herbs is dedicated to sourcing wild-crafted and organic ingredients from pristine environments around the world.

One thing that we love about Paradise Herbs is that they never use unnecessary additives that might hinder absorption, such as fillers and flow agents. They design their products to be as effective as possible, while maintaining the natural wholeness of the ingredients. Their award-winning formulas include herbs, vitamins, minerals and a wide variety of superfoods.

Paradise Herbs, Arjuna , 60 Vegetarian Caplets

Paradise Herbs Arjuna caplets are made from 100% concentrated Arjuna root extract. Their extraction process retains the pure medicinal essence of the whole herb. This makes Paradise Herbs arjuna a full spectrum supplement that protects heart health, while helping to heal heart inflammation. This vegetarian (vegan) supplement contains pure arjuna extract in a veggie capsule made of only vegetable cellulose – no additional ingredients!

Arjuna treats myocarditis, heart arrhythmia, or angina (chest pain caused by the heart malfunction). You can take arjuna with confidence, knowing that this treasured herb of Ayurveda is one of the most powerful herbal supplements available. We wish you improved heart health!


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