Oils & Resins

All posts in our Oils & Resins category are shown most recent first and cover a variety of interesting natural substances that are excellent for health, such as essential oils and healthful natural resins. These articles include DIY instructions about how to use these beautiful natural oils and resins, and information on where to purchase them for your own use.

calm anxiety fast with essential oils

How To Calm Anxiety Fast With Essential Oil Roll-Ons

    If you have a panic attack or suffer from anxiety, you need proven remedies to alleviate your stress. Did you know you can calm anxiety fast...

    Black Seed Oil For Itchy Skin

    Black Seed Oil: Powerful Natural Remedy For Itchy Skin

      Black seed oil, also known as black cumin seed oil or kalongi oil, is an amazing natural remedy with a historical reputation for healing many...

      Sea Buckthorn Natural Remedy Aging Skin

      Sea Buckthorn Oil: Incredible Natural Remedy For Aging Skin

        Natural sea buckthorn oil, with its surprisingly huge variety of plant-nutrients, is fantastic for encouraging cellular repair and...

        castor oil

        How To Dissolve Cysts And Tumors Naturally With Amazing Castor Oil

          Castor oil is one of the most common kitchen cabinet folk remedies used to promote healthy digestion each season, otherwise known as a colon...

          Best Plant-Based Anti-aging Oils and Butters For Skin Care

          The Best Anti-Aging Oils And Butters For Skin Care

            Beautiful skin is…. beautiful! Natural oils, essential oils and plant butters can help keep your skin looking healthy, glowing and vibrant...

            blackseed oil

            Black Seed Oil Benefits For Cancer And Candida

              Black seed oil, also called kalongi or black cumin seed oil, is known as a powerful herbal remedy all across the world. Great for both internal...

              sangre de drago

              Sangre De Grado: How To Stop a Bleeding Cut And Other First Aid Tips

                Sangre de Grado, also known as Sangre de Drago or Dragon’s Blood, is a tree resin from South America with a long history of use to stop...


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