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Neem Benefits: The Most Powerful Herb That Fights Infection

neem benefits for fighting infections

Neem is the most potent and fast acting herbal remedy for treating microbial, bacterial, fungal and other infectious conditions. Read on to learn about neem benefits that make it the most powerful herb that fights infection.

I was suffering from a serious bacterial infection while working in India and I needed to know – How can I use herbs to cure this dangerous infection quickly?

Fortunately, India is home to the best herb in the world for healing bacterial infections – the neem plant. Neem is known in Sanskrit as “Sarva Roga Nivarini” or “that which cures all diseases.” It is particularly effective for microbial, bacterial, fungal and other infectious conditions. Additionally, neem benefits skin conditions like acne, lowers blood pressure, improves dental health and is even an insecticide. It is potent and fast acting, easily earning its reputation as the most powerful herb that fights infection.

What is Neem?

The neem plant (Azadirachta indica) is a tree in the mahogany family. Neem has been used in India for millennia to heal a variety of health issues. All parts of the neem plant – leaves, fruit, seeds, twigs, oil and bark – have medicinal properties.

neem leaves

My Own Story

We researched Ayurveda for years, and, at one point, had a consulting job in Bangalore, India. During the consultation we resided at the property, a beautiful and newly constructed Ayurvedic Resort. Within a few days, some mosquito bites that I had on my legs started getting inflated and infected – yuck.

Over the next week they got bigger, more infected and oozing (gross, I know!) and my legs began swelling. As we continued working, we discovered that the water system (for showers) had been built incorrectly. The system served the individual guest cottages, but had been built too close to the property’s septic system.

Toxic waste water was leaching into the water system. And by this time, my legs took on the appearance of a full-on bacterial infection on its way to sepsis.

We gave our recommendation to relocate the septic system a healthy distance from their water source. We knew that would take some time… especially in India…

We also realized that all the Ayurvedic treatment in the world would not save my legs if we stayed on the premises – after all, the main water source was contaminated! So, we said our goodbyes and settled ourselves in a hotel in town where I began my healing treatment.

We had heard that neem is the most powerful herb that fights infections. So, I immediately started taking pure liquid neem extract internally for two weeks. From the first day of treatment, I started seeing the benefits as the infection diminished and finally, after a couple of weeks, it was conquered. We were amazed and relieved, because my husband had been almost ready to cart me off to the hospital. And that, friends, is not something that you willingly embrace in India! Well, we avoid hospital stays anywhere, really. So, as going to the hospital was not an option, we thanked the heavens for neem that fixed the problem quickly!

You cannot imagine how extremely grateful we were for the miraculous healing power of neem! With my personal experience and subsequent experiences watching others heal even stubborn infections with neem, we continue to be champions of neem’s miraculous abilities. We have seen the evidence that neem benefits are unsurpassed; it truly is the most powerful herb that fights infection!

Let’s look at all of the neem benefits for health and beauty:

1. Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

The number one benefit, as I have shown above, is neem leaf’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which are powerful agents for healing skin conditions and diseases. Not only does neem heal infections when taken internally, but it also soothes and protects the skin when applied topically.

Neem is also quite effective in treating Candida due to its antimicrobial components. After so many years of herbal experience, we’ve yet to find another herbal contender that even comes close to the power of neem!

2. Antifungal

neem powder for fighting infection

Neem also heal warts, plus foot and nail fungus when taken internally and applied topically (a combination of both is suggested). Neem works amazingly well to heal stubborn infections that linger and fester.

3. Insecticide

You can keep neem-soaked cotton near your windows or burn neem leaves to ward off insects. It is extremely effective and disperses mosquitoes and other flying pests.

4. Improve Hair and Scalp Health

Neem contains antioxidants that improve hair follicles, reduce dandruff and encourage hair growth.

5. Increases Immunity

Taking neem can increase immunity in the body and reduce fevers, even extreme fevers, such as malarial fever.

6. Detoxifier and Blood Purifier

Neem’s antioxidant constituents assist the liver by detoxing and purifying the blood. This is one reason my skin infection was healed so quickly. Neem also heals various other skin conditions, such as eczema and acne.

7. Anti-aging

Neem’s antioxidants also help to slow down the aging process. Neem fights free radicals and reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Modern science credits one of neem’s bio-active plant ingredients, quercetin, for these actions.

8. Dental Health

Even today, many people in India use a neem tree twig to clean their teeth and gently massage the gums. For tooth pain, rub herbalized neem oil or neem powder paste into gums or on teeth. There are also natural toothpastes available that contain neem oil for dental health.

9. Lowers Blood Pressure and Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Neem leaf powder contains active ingredients that can be effective in lowering blood pressure. Some people successfully take neem powder to regulate their blood sugar levels. Those with a predisposition to diabetes can even prevent the onset of the disease by taking neem regularly.

10. Anti-tumor and Anti-cancer

Neem’s biologically active natural components inhibit tumor cell growth by activating a “tumor suppressant gene” in the body. These same components also deter the various other phases of cancer progression.


Neem benefits are varied and powerful – it is certainly one of the most miraculous plant medicines on the earth. So many ailments can be treated with neem easily, at home.

Note: Neem has a very bitter taste and in oil form, it has a strong, unpleasant odor. Be prepared! If you are usually not able to stand bitter tastes, neem capsules ✓ are available for internal use.

Neem oil ✓ is fantastic for skin ailments or beauty enhancement, but you will have to put up with the odor! Adding strongly fragrant essential oils to neem oil may mitigate the smell, but not completely.

You’ll have to try it yourself to see how you handle it. Regardless, neem is unsurpassed! If you’re interested in natural facial masks and beauty treatments, please read my article about ubtans. Ubtans are traditional Indian facial mask/scrubs made from natural plant powders. The article contains several easy recipes for healing facial treatments and one of them includes neem powder.

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