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All posts in our Herbs & Spices category are shown most recent first and cover the healthful benefits of herbs and spices. From general usage to uses for specific health related issues, these in-depth articles feature lots of helpful information about natural herbs and spices. They also include resources about how to take the specific herbs and spices for health and where you can purchase them for your use.

How Pine Needles Protect Your Cells From Blood Clotting

Spike Proteins: How Pine Needle Tea Helps Prevent Unhealthy Blood Clotting

    Pine needle tea has long been known to protect against colds and flu. But did you know that pine needles and other natural substances contain...

    healing herbs and spices of winter

    Magical Healing Herbs And Spices Of Winter

      The flavors and aromas of the holiday season set the mood for celebration, but they also provide some amazing health benefits. Read further for...

      Herbs Supplements For Sleep

      Best Natural Remedies and Supplements For When You Can’t Sleep

        Surprisingly large numbers of people have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Insomnia is not good for anyone’s health, regardless...

        Boost Immunity Naturally 8 Super Remedies

        Boost Immunity Naturally: 8 Super Remedies You Need To Keep From Getting Sick

          If we want to avoid getting sick, the best way is to build up our immune systems and the good news is: there are easy natural ways to do it! In...

          Manjishta Benefits: Incredible Blood Purifying Herb For Detox

          Manjishta Benefits: Incredible Blood Purifying Herb For Detox

            Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia) is one of the most powerful natural remedies that effectively cleanses the blood. With its antimicrobial and...

            echinacea benefits colds and flu

            Echinacea Benefits: Trusted Traditional Herb For Colds And Flu

              Echinacea is a most trusted herb for boosting immunity to colds, flu and viruses. A natural treatment for infections, wounds, burns, headaches...

              artemisia annua benefits

              Artemisia Annua Benefits: Proven Anti-viral Wonder Herb

                Natural herbal remedies that can boost our immune systems are more important now than ever. That is why artemisia annua benefits are center...

                Herbs That Treat Auto-Immune Diseases

                8 Powerful Natural Remedies That Treat Autoimmune Disease

                  Autoimmune diseases can be brought on by many factors, including infections and vaccinations. Due to increased cases these days, many people...

                  Overcome Brain Fog And Anxiety

                  Overcome Brain Fog And Anxiety With These 10 Herbs

                    If you suffer from brain fog, anxiety, nervousness or sleepless nights, why not consider herbs to treat your symptoms naturally? Natural herbs...

                    5 items to start a natural first-aid kit

                    6 Must-Have Items To Start Your Natural First-Aid Kit

                      Natural first-aid is easy and inexpensive when you know what to use. If you’re looking to replace over-the-counter drugstore remedies with...


                      Turmeric Benefits: The Best All-Round Herb (11 Reasons)

                        Turmeric benefits include super-strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer actions. It's easy to find and inexpensive, with...

                        9 Most Powerful Natural Remedies For Myocarditis

                        The 9 Most Powerful Natural Remedies For Myocarditis (Heart Inflammation)

                          Myocarditis, or heart inflammation, is caused by innumerable factors. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can not only prevent, but...

                          Herbs To Boost Memory and Brain Health

                          The 7 Best Herbs For Memory And Brain Health

                            With everything going on around us these days, it’s important to have more brain power! Therefore, this post will focus on the best 7 herbs...

                            blackseed oil

                            Black Seed Oil Benefits For Cancer And Candida

                              Black seed oil, also called kalongi or black cumin seed oil, is known as a powerful herbal remedy all across the world. Great for both internal...

                              neem benefits for fighting infections

                              Neem Benefits: The Most Powerful Herb That Fights Infection

                                Neem is the most potent and fast acting herbal remedy for treating microbial, bacterial, fungal and other infectious conditions. Read on to...


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