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This category contains reviews of affiliate companies whose products we feature on our website. These companies produce and/or sell natural and organic products such as herbs, herbal remedies, skin care products, cosmetics, Ayurvedic remedies, Chinese remedies, food recipe ingredients and more. We strive to include high quality products at great prices for you. We also like to support companies that promote fair trade. If you like our work, we appreciate your support for us when you purchase via these links, as we may make a small fee – at no additional cost to you – from any qualifying purchase.


Ayurvedic Herbs Direct: Company Review ✓

    If you’re interested in natural remedies and natural herbs and supplements, you’ve probably discovered Ayurveda, the ancient healing system...


    iHerb: Company Review ✓

      If you are interested in using natural and organic wellness and beauty products, then you are probably always on the lookout for some good...


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