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Boost Immunity Naturally: 8 Super Remedies You Need To Keep From Getting Sick

Boost Immunity Naturally 8 Super Remedies

If we want to avoid getting sick, the best way is to build up our immune systems and the good news is: there are easy natural ways to do it! In this article we discuss 8 super natural remedies that boost immunity, so we can stay healthy under even the most trying circumstances.

If these last years taught us anything, it’s that we need to stick with the good habits that keep us well. And, if we didn’t have good habits, it was time to start them! If you search on the internet about how to stay well and keep your immunity high, you will most surely find the usual helpful hints that include the basics… and they are important: Stay rested, drink plenty of fluids, especially water (even if you’re not sick), get regular doses of Vitamin D for free by catching sunlight, and eat a healthy diet.

There are lengthy articles that explain those points in detail, so I won’t go into all of that right now. Today, I want to give you some reminders about powerful natural remedies that can help build immunity, as even holding to those basics don’t always keep us healthy. This is largely because of an over-abundance of environmental toxins that we are all floating around in these days.

I’ll also introduce some remedies that I haven’t mentioned before. So, consider this a round-up of important natural immune boosting remedies that sometimes get mentioned, but often get overlooked. Because, now is not the time to get complacent about your health!

The best way to stay healthy is to boost your immune system with natural remedies before you get sick!! So lets take a look at those remedies that boost immunity.

8 Super Natural Remedies To Boost Immunity

1. Iodine

You may not be aware, but these days the majority of the population across the world is deficient in iodine. The human body does not produce iodine naturally, yet every one of us needs iodine for proper metabolism, growth, and… you guessed it, a strong immune system!

Iodine is a trace element that is imperative for the thyroid to do its work. Part of that function is to stave off all forms of infection! Aside from its long history (since the 1800’s!) as a disinfectant for both chronic and immediate wounds, iodine is an amazing anti-viral, antiseptic and antibacterial natural substance. Many times each day, all of the blood in our bodies regularly passes through the thyroid gland, and if there is sufficient iodine stored there, any cells that are weakened due to infection are annihilated.

The key phrase here is “if there is sufficient iodine stored there.”

You can get a fair amount of iodine through your diet by including meats, fresh fish, dark green veggies, dairy products, various seaweeds, and mineral rich salt. However, the fact that so many people are deficient in iodine shows us that it is difficult to get enough regular iodine intake simply through diet. This is why so many seemingly “healthy” people suddenly succumb to various infections – because they are actually seriously iodine deficient.

Therefore, almost everyone could use a couple of drops of iodine each day, taken internally as a supplement. Making sure we have enough iodine can help in preventing infections, and in the worst case scenario, iodine in higher quantities can help to cure infections – including Sars-Cov2 and Covid-19.

Iodine can also be used as a disinfectant for inanimate objects that get a lot of traffic. And for goodness’ sake, why doesn’t anyone mention that cell phones are probably the most filthy objects around today? Every day I see people who are always clutching their phone and using it wherever they are, even in the toilet – ew!!

They drop it onto any surface, anywhere, and then later pick it up without a care in the world… I even see many (usually young adults) casually holding their phone touching their mouths even when they’re not on a call… so often that it’s noticeable on the streets and in crowds… strange, I know… not only is the phone dirty but why would anyone but a toddler chew on or put their phone in their mouth? (Think about that for a minute…) If you carry your phone with you always, at least disinfect it with iodine so you don’t get sick from your dirty phone!

If you want to see if you have symptoms of iodine deficiency, check out this article I wrote entirely about it… you might be surprised how many chronic and other serious illnesses are caused by iodine deficiency:

To take iodine as a supplement to boost immunity, we suggest any of these products that are excellent and easy to take; you only need a minimum couple of drops of iodine per day as a supplement:

Heritage Store Nascent Colloidal Iodine ✓

Eidon Mineral Supplements, Iodine, Liquid Concentrate ✓

Optimox, Iodoral, Iodine/Potassium Iodide Tablets ✓

The nascent colloidal (liquid) iodine and the Eidon iodine are de-colorized (they’re not that deep iodine red/brown that temporarily stains skin) so you can also use them topically for disinfecting inanimate objects, like all household door handles, land line phones, and… those cell phones!

2. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc And Quercetin

These 4 powerhouse substances have long been used for immune defense and in particular, have been used successfully in the past 3 years for immunity boosting and for even treating Covid.

Here are the reasons why they are so successful:

Vitamin C – One of the most important supplements for immune health is Vitamin C. With its known abilities to protect cellular corruption from pathogens, Vitamin C is essential for boosting immunity – that’s why it’s important to maintain Vitamin C levels even when we’re not sick!

With its anti-oxidative functions, Vitamin C helps our immune cells to produce the proteins needed to fight off disease, whether viral, bacterial or microbial. It will not only help to prevent infection, but will also help in curing one if you have insufficient levels and succumb to an infection. Vitamin C is especially powerful in combating upper respiratory infections.

Vitamin D – This important essential nutrient enhances the abilities of white blood cells to fight infection. With its protective actions, Vitamin D manages immune response, while limiting over-inflammatory responses (known as cytokine storms) by the immune system. People who are found to be deficient in Vitamin D are much more prone to fall sick from bacterial and viral infections. Vitamin D has proven successful in preventing respiratory infections and speeding recovery from infection.

Zinc – Zinc is a trace mineral that is important for immune health. Along with its distinct role in protecting cells from pathogenic invasion, zinc is also a signaling molecule, which means that it is necessary to give proper signals for many different types of cellular development and actions.

Even a mild zinc deficiency is a huge blow to a healthy immune system. Zinc deficiency results in a much higher incidence of fungal, viral and bacterial infections.

Quercetin – This natural anti-oxidant nutrient is found in plants, and plays an important role in activating our natural defense systems. Quercetin is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, successful in decreasing allergic response and enhancing immune reaction. Quercetin is an important companion to zinc, as it helps the mineral to cross cellular membranes, making it easier for zinc to do its protective work. Vitamin C activates quercetin’s healing mechanism, so it is suggested to take zinc, Vitamin C and quercetin together.

You can see how these four vitamins/minerals are very important for immune health! Below is a link to a great supplement by Life Extension. They sell these items separately, but due to the demand from their customers for one immune boosting product that contains the above mentioned supplements, they put together these little supplement packets that consist of one tablet containing Vitamin C and Quercetin and three capsules that contain Zinc, Vitamin D and probiotics; convenient!

Life Extension, Immune Packs With Vitamin C & D, Zinc And Probiotic, 30 Packets ✓

3. Olive Leaf

For literally thousands of years, olive leaves, from the Mediterranean olive tree (Olea europaea) have been used as a super-effective medicinal herbal remedy. When it comes to fighting harmful bacteria and viruses, olive leaf is nearly unsurpassed in its ability to demolish viral replication.

Boost Immunity Naturally 8 Remedies

Olive leaf’s prime compounds known as polyphenols are responsible for its extra powerful antiviral and antibacterial actions. These compounds work to keep viruses from shedding (reproducing and overtaking) and they also stimulate immune responses that actually allow the cell to destroy the virus!

Many people affirm from their own experience, that olive leaf may be the best natural anti-viral herb available and they wouldn’t go into a winter season without it.

The most active antibacterial and antiviral compound in olive leaf is oleuropein and a minimum of 15% oleuropein is suggested for maximum therapeutic results.

These excellent quality Olive Leaf tablets from Paradise Herbs contain 18% oleuropein. Bonus: oleuropein is also good for controlling blood sugar and is heart healthy! Paradise Herbs are known for their high quality products, grown naturally, wild-crafted when possible, and free from GMO’s:

Paradise Herbs Olive Leaf Capsules✓ Note: For maximum comfort, olive leaf supplements should not be taken on an empty stomach

4. Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are a specific class of edible healing fungi. (no, they’re not the “magic” mushroom variety, so you won’t get a “high” from taking them!) Different from culinary mushrooms because they are not tasty to eat, medicinal mushrooms have incredible health benefits for many serious diseases. Medicinal mushrooms are usually taken as supplements and there are several varieties that are extremely powerful for boosting immunity. Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga and Lion’s Mane are all well known as anti-inflammatory substances that regulate immune response.

Our blood contains cytokines, the blood cell’s natural regulatory proteins that activate white blood cells to fight infection. If cytokines are sluggish to do their work of activating white blood cells, we get sick… often very sick. Yet, if uncontrolled in their response to danger, cytokines can develop into “storms” that overwhelm the system, attacking healthy blood cells along with infected ones. This often causes dangerously high fevers, possible toxic shock syndrome, and even ultimately causing death.

Taking a small amount of medicinal mushrooms as a preventative measure is a great way to ensure balanced cytokine and immune response. Medicinal mushrooms are a bit on the expensive side, so we suggest taking a supplement powder that is a blend of the most effective medicinal mushrooms. Just add a small bit of that powder to smoothies or juices daily… that way, your supply of mushroom powder goes a long way… the protection gained from medicinal mushrooms is well worth your money!

Some companies artificially “farm” the mushrooms and sell the mycelium (the part that grows before the mushroom “fruits”) but the mycelium does not contain enough medicinal components to be worth the money. We suggest this product, which has a combination of the most effective medicinal mushrooms, and is made from the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms that contain the medicinal value.

Four Sigmatic Brand Mix of 10 Medicinal Mushrooms Powder ✓

Medicinal mushrooms have many other incredible health benefits, especially for chronic pain and auto-immune disorders. I wrote an entire article about the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms that you can find here:

5. Neem Leaf

I have mentioned neem, an extract from the Azadirachta indica plant, many times in my blog posts. I’ve even written an entire post devoted to the miracle of neem oil, as it is one of the most incredibly powerful natural remedies for infection available anywhere in the world! Neem is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and is capable of reducing fevers, even to the point of extreme fevers.

Neem is amazing for boosting immunity and for producing an auto-immune response in the case of infection. With over 130 active natural chemical compounds that fight infection, bacteria and viruses, neem is our go-to herb when things get out of control, so it only makes sense to build up immunity with neem, before you get sick!

That’s why it’s a good idea to have some neem on hand or to even take a bit of neem on a regular basis as a preventative.

Neem is most easily taken in capsules, as its taste is really strong and bitter:

Organix South, TheraNeem Naturals, Neem Leaf Capsules ✓

In these times, I’d also suggest using a super-strength natural antibacterial soap that contains neem, like this one:

Organix South, TheraNeem Naturals, Neem Cleansing Bar, For Sensitive Skin, 4 oz ✓

Aaaand… if you want to know more about neem, check out this article I wrote about how neem healed my dangerous sepsis infection (!!) that I was seriously freaked out by when we were in India; the article includes more details about neems healing abilities that go far beyond healing infections too:

6. Frankincense

Famous since biblical times as the “king of essential oils” frankincense (you know, one of the gifts of the magi…) is a natural resin from the Boswellia tree. This wonderful substance is a powerful antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory remedy. Frankincense can be used in steam inhalation and/or in an aromatherapy diffuser for bronchitis or other respiratory ailments. With a long history for healing numerous ills, frankincense uplifts environments with its rich and soothing aroma.

Frankincense is also a great natural disinfectant to clean surfaces in the home, as it annihilates germs. It can be used as a mouth wash and rinse, and to soothe coughs.

Of the many Boswellia varieties, Boswellia Carteri and Boswellia Sacra are the ones known for the most valuable healing properties. Frankincense is not only an effective immuno-modulator, but it is also known as a potent remedy for stimulating brain function and memory, relieving gastric issues, relieving arthritis inflammation and pain, and even treating cancer!

You can use frankincense essential oil for aromatherapy for calming anxiety and respiratory ailments, and you can also use it topically. Pure frankincense essential oil is considered a “neat” essential oil, that is, one that is mild and can be used by most people directly on the skin without irritation. If your skin is sensitive, do a small patch test or mix frankincense with a mild carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or sunflower oil at a ratio of 5-6 drops/essential oil per 2 teaspoons of carrier oil.

Frankincense Anti-Aging Oils and Butters for Skin Care

If you plan to use alot of frankincense (or share it with your family!) you can do as I often do – and buy frankincense “tears” in bulk, which is more economical. The tears are the little irregular chunks of the frankincense oleo-resin that can be used as incense or can be used to make tea… or you can simply chew on the frankincense tears for their antibacterial properties, meanwhile helping oral/dental health.

Pranarom Frankincense essential oil ✓

Frontier Frankincense Tears, 1 lb. ✓

7. Pine Needle Tea

I’ve written an entire article about the amazing health benefits of pine needle tea, as pine needles are one of the prime sources of shikimic acid, also known as shikimate (see link in box below). Shikimic acid in pine needles fights pneumonia, flus and viruses. It also eliminates the risk of dangerous blood clotting from glycoproteins known as spike proteins – those nasty little critters that allow certain viruses to do their dirty work of latching onto and infiltrating healthy cells in the body.

Because they are found in viruses, spike proteins also show up in vaccines… so you want to make sure that those creatures don’t survive in your body to cause even more problems! Shikimate acid also eliminates parsites and reduces inflammation.

Pine needle tea is so important to boost immunity and fight infection! Read more about it here:

If you just want the deets of how to get your hands on some pine needles, you can either forage for fresh pine needles in your area or buy them online. Just make sure that you forage from an area that is pristine and free from chemical and pesticide residue. Pine needle tea is tasty and you can feel free to enjoy it as much as you like to keep your immunity up.

Note: Pregnant women should not drink pine needle tea.

Also: Most evergreen trees (pines, fir spruce and cedar ) are safe to ingest for boosting immunity, but yew and cypress are considered toxic – so don’t use them. Ponderosa Pine or Australian Pine (also known as Norfolk Island Pine) are also poisonous, so don’t take them internally!

Buy dried pine needles on Etsy – lots of choices here

100% pure pine essential oil ✓

8. Artemisia Annua

And last, but most certainly not least, is Artemisia annua, one of our favorite herbs and one of the shining stars of the herbal family for fighting infection.

Artemisia annua, also known as Sweet Annie or Sweet Wormwood, has a long, long history in traditional medicine around the world (including African medicine of several countries and Traditional Chinese Medicine) for treating malaria and other hard-to-heal infections. Artemisia is so well valued as an antiviral that it was prescribed by the governments of some African countries to treat Sars-Cov2 and Covid-19 during these last few years, with positive results.

Interestingly, there are several anti-malarial drugs that have been produced using the most active ingredient in artemesia, known as artemisinin.

These drugs have been successful over decades in healing malaria, but have started to fail due to the malarial parasite developing resistance to the drug. Although the concentration of artemisinin in drugs is greater than in a cup of artemisia annua tea, the holistic synergy that is available using the whole herb keeps the malarial parasite from becoming resistant to artemisia annua. It may take a bit longer, but treatment with artemisia annua is still working to cure malaria!

Artemisia is an incredible anti-infection herb, and it treats all kinds of fevers, not to mention that it is anti-inflammatory and is an anti-depressant, all while being heart healthy!

If you’d like to read more about artemisia, please check out this article where I go into great detail about how it has been used throughout history and its more recent use during the last 3 years:

If you’re ready to add artemisia annua to your herbal medicine cabinet to boost immunity, we’d suggest these products:

Herb Pharm Organic Artemisia extract ✓

Nutricology, Artemisia capsules ✓


Boost Immunity Naturally

If you want to be on top of things and be in control of your health, now is the time to start taking some of the best natural and herbal remedies that boost immunity!

All of the remedies mentioned above are incredibly powerful. Obviously, you don’t need to take all of them at the same time, but… depending on your specific health issues, one or more of them might resonate with you. We like to take specific herbs for some time and then give our bodies a break, so they can readjust and maintain a higher level of functioning brought on by the remedy’s specific actions. During that break time, we might take another herb that approaches the problem from a different angle.

Now is the time to focus on keeping our immunity at the highest possible level. Now is not the time to slack off! I know that summer time is play time for a lot of people and it’s so much fun to just enjoy… but, especially before we move into the autumn and then into the holiday season, consider giving your system a boost. Your body will thank you 🙂

Thank you for reading! If this post has piqued your interest and you find it useful, inspiring or otherwise magical, please pin it and follow us on Pinterest and/or share it on Facebook via the icons to the left… And we’re always happy to hear from you via the Contact page.

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