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All posts in our Beauty & Skin care category are shown most recent first and feature all natural solutions to a full range of beauty and skin care issues. These in-depth articles introduce you to new solutions, and/or explain why tried and true natural solutions for beauty and skin care work. Most articles also provide resources so you can find the products or DIY ingredients for your improved natural health and beauty.

How To Get Glowing Skin Nautrally

How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally: 6 Easy Steps

    With all of the push these days for high-tech skin care treatments and expensive products, it’s a good idea to remember that natural beauty...

    Sea Buckthorn Natural Remedy Aging Skin

    Sea Buckthorn Oil: Incredible Natural Remedy For Aging Skin

      Natural sea buckthorn oil, with its surprisingly huge variety of plant-nutrients, is fantastic for encouraging cellular repair and...

      Natural Remedies How TO Get RId OF Acne Scars

      Home Remedies: How To Get Rid Of Pimple Scars

        There are various types of pimple scars or acne scars. Anyone who has them would like their skin restored to its former beauty. Fortunately...

        makeup that's good for you

        The Beginner’s Guide To Natural, Clean, Vegan And Organic Beauty Products

          Believe it or not, even products that are supposed to be cruelty-free and good for our world might not be as natural and good for your health...

          ubtan facial scrubs

          Homemade Facial Scrubs: Ancient Secrets

            A bride in India looks stunning partly because of ages-old beauty treatments called ubtans that are applied before the wedding. Read further...

            Best Plant-Based Anti-aging Oils and Butters For Skin Care

            The Best Anti-Aging Oils And Butters For Skin Care

              Beautiful skin is…. beautiful! Natural oils, essential oils and plant butters can help keep your skin looking healthy, glowing and vibrant...

              best natural ways to prevent and treat sunburn

              Best Natural Ways To Prevent And Treat Sunburn

                Sunburn can really put a stop to enjoying summer fun! Fortunately, there are natural ways to both prevent sunburn and to soothe sunburn if you...

                dieting but not losing weight

                Dieting But Not Losing Weight? Stop These 5 Habits

                  When you’re trying to lose weight, everything matters and some habits can slow down healthy weight loss. These five little tips are not often...

                  budget beauty hacks

                  12 Proven Budget Beauty Hacks From Your Kitchen Cabinet

                    Want to treat your skin better without spending a lot of money? Try using some of these proven budget beauty hacks made from everyday items you...

                    toxic chemicals in makeup

                    12 Toxic Chemicals In Makeup Could Be Making You Sick

                      Most of us love wearing pretty makeup, but the disturbing truth is that toxic chemicals in makeup could be making you sick. Learn which...


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