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Artemisia Annua Benefits: Proven Anti-viral Wonder Herb

artemisia annua benefits

Natural herbal remedies that can boost our immune systems are more important now than ever. That is why artemisia annua benefits are center stage when it comes to fighting infections, viruses and fevers of all kinds.

I am always amazed that nature provides us with such abundant gifts for our everyday use. When I look at my daily habits, I see how the wonderful world of herbal remedies has become a natural part of my life. So, when normal routines get upset, I go to my herbal arsenal to see what I can do to boost my health. I discovered artemisia annua benefits many years ago, and want to share with you that artemisia is truly a proven anti-viral wonder herb. This is important right now.

Why is this so important now?

Regardless of where you are in the world, the health narratives presented in the news continue to shift.

Almost every day.

Many government officials and their medical agencies have agreed that there is a health crisis to be addressed. But how the crisis has been defined and how that threat has been approached has varied widely.

Add to that, the conflicting valuations between cities, counties, states and countries as to severity, contagion quotient and treatment.

Even the reported numbers regarding infections and deaths of all purported novel viruses have credibility and vested interest issues.

Regardless of which expert political, medical, social or celebrity commentary you align with, one thing you can know for sure – ultimately your health and well being is your own responsibility. And that’s where the healing power of herbs can help you reach your goal of wellness.

The Beauty of Herbs

artemisia annua

What I like most about herbs is that we don’t have to wait for laboratory experimenting or fast-tracked “solutions.” These herbs have already been time tested! Looking back over thousands of years of world history we see that traditional cultures have always depended on the healing power of herbs, plants, resins and minerals. For almost every plant that we find on this beautiful earth, there is a culture that has thrived through its practical use – to prevent, treat and yes, even cure disease.

Right now, let’s look at how we, as individuals, can use simple, whole herbs to help us strengthen our immune systems. That way we can be pro-active, while we make our way through this current situation.

Today I’m focusing on artemisia annua benefits. Artemisia annua is one herb that is easily available and that gives a powerful immune system boost.

Artemisia Annua

Artemisia is a large plant family with numerous varieties, all of which have exceptional healing properties. For our purposes we are going to focus on artemisia annua, also known as Sweet Annie or Sweet Wormwood.

This is not to be confused with artemisia absinthia, also known as “Wormwood.”

High in antioxidants, artemisia annua is a potent immune system fortifier and has a long record of reducing fevers and other ailments.

It has been proven around the world to be a most effective treatment for malaria and the first SARS corona virus (Sars-CoV).

Artemisia annua so effectively reduces inflammation, that it can keep our bodies from producing an overabundance of defensive cytokines, avoiding potentially life-threatening “cytokine storms.”

Health Benefits of Artemisia Annua

1. Anti-inflammatory

Artemisia annua is useful in treating gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s Disease and dyspepsia. Artemisia’s anti-inflammatory actions reduce swelling of inflammation and accompanying pain.

2. Antibacterial

Artemisia helps to prevent infections by strengthening healthy cells while dismantling infection. It is good for treating skin conditions, wounds and ulcers, and has also proven effective in treating Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is a serious health threat that is caused by bacterium transmitted by tiny deer ticks.

Artemisia is also effective against E-coli and Salmonella.

3. Antidepressant

Soothing essential oils contained in artemisia annua have a calming effect on the mind. Therefore, they are often used in sachets, potpourri and sleeping pillows. Artemisia’s essential components counteract anxiety, mental stress and depression. This is also excellent during this time of stress!

4. Heart Healthy

Artemisia annua contains antioxidants that help strengthen the heart and release toxins that can cause blockage.

5. Treats Frequent Bladder Infections

Benefits can also be seen when using artemisia annua to treat bladder infections and as a diuretic for conditions that cause water retention.

6. Treats all Kinds of Fever

We have seen that artemisia annua successfully treats malarial fever and the fever associated with this novel virus. It is also effective for mild summer fevers, dizziness and fevers caused for various other reasons.

Artemisia In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

This humble little shrub has silvery fern-like leaves, bright yellow flowers and a warm aromatic fragrance. Artemisia annua has been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for thousands of years. So, it has a long history of treating both chronic and other serious diseases.

It’s no surprise that it is so well known in TCM, as artemisia plants grow best at high elevations. In fact, those that grow in the Sichuan Province of China also contain the highest amount of artemisia’s most active ingredient, a phytochemical lactone known as artemisinin.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, artemisia is known as Quing Hao and has been used specifically to treat fevers. TCM describes artemisia annua as a balancing herb that promotes health and vitality.

It contains over 20 active ingredients! And as with all whole foods, it is the synergy of these components that provides the most profound results. Pharmaceutical companies, realizing the power of artemisia, isolated artemisia’s most active ingredient, artemisinin. Using artemisinin, several companies have produced high ranking anti-malarial drugs that depend on artemisinin to successfully cure malaria.

However, the bioavailability provided by taking the natural tea infusion of artemisia annua leaves or powder provides more than ten times the results! The whole herb has been used to treat malaria naturally for thousands of years.

artemesia annua

Interestingly, ancient Chinese medical manuscripts that highlight the use of artemisia annua were recently discovered. They tell us to infuse the leaves in cold water rather than in boiling water, for best results.

Regarding today’s headlining virus, China’s National Health Commission has implemented the use of TCM along with modern Western medicine to treat patients (see article below; it is in Chinese, but I have notated the pertinent sections). With artemisia annua as its star herbal remedy for viruses, TCM, combined with modern Western medicine, brings better results in relieving patient symptoms. Patients get relief from cough, sore throat, fatigue and fever. The course of the disease is shortened and the probability of more severe symptoms developing is lessened.

Traditional Chinese Medicine identifies artemisia annua as cooling and detoxifying, which is useful in those with the fevers that have appeared this year.

Artemisia Annua Benefits in African Traditional Medicine

Africa, too, has millennia of history using artemisia annua as a powerful anti-malarial folk remedy. It is also used to treat the deadly African Sleeping Sickness, (Human African Trypanosomiasis) caused by bacteria carried by the tsetse fly. Like malaria, this debilitating disease can cause meningoencephalitis (infection of the brain and spinal cord) and eventual coma and death.

With historical knowledge of artemisia , it’s no surprise that modern day Africa has tried this amazing herb in the face of current world health concerns.

Madagascar was the first country to develop an herbal tea remedy featuring artemisia annua, specifically for the purpose of boosting immunity.

Madagascar’s Malagasy Institute of Applied Research, [IMRA] was formed many years ago, to integrate traditional herbal knowledge with modern medicine. The Institute has collected a large database over the years, containing thousands of traditional African herbs. With all of the world’s focus on novel viruses this year, IMRA was determined to see what could be developed to aid the Madagasy people right now.

The resulting Covid-Organic tea, a proprietary herbal blend featuring artemisia annua, was produced and made available to the population. Happily, many people taking the tea experienced relief from incapacitating symptoms. It is a natural herbal tea, the ingredients of which have all been used successfully for millennia. It is even safe for children and the elderly.

Those who choose to drink this immune enhancing remedy have both a preventative and a treatment for the viral threat.

As a side note on artemisia and immunity: In Tanzania, as far back as 2008, anecdotal experiences show that combining artemisia annua and moringa leaf together was powerful in helping people reverse immune deficiency – even evidenced by reversal of HIV positive diagnosis to HIV negative in some cases!

Madagascar is a country that has a strong historical tradition of taking herbs to fight serious disease. And much of the population lives in remote areas, far away from modern infrastructure and modern medical treatment. It is fantastic that those people have traditional herbal methods they can use to protect their health!

Artemisia’s twenty bioactive ingredients work together synergistically. As is the case with all herbal remedies, artemisia annua benefits are still evident even after thousands of years of human use.

Other countries in Africa, including Nigeria, Chad and South Africa have been willing to try the Covid-Organic tea and test it along with other potential remedies.

Cameroon’s government has also been involved in promoting the use of artemisia based herbal remedies for the virus. In late April, an archbishop in Cameroon with a background in herbology put together a formula of healing herbs featuring artemisia. The herbal formula was dispensed to citizens who complained of fever and related symptoms. The archbishop was thrilled that they reported back to him with good results.

artemisia annua

After serious consideration, Cameroon’s president commended the effort and encouraged the citizenry to take advantage of home made treatments. His decision was prompted by his concerns as he began lifting previous lock-down measures and reopening Cameroon’s economy.

Following the announcement by Madagascar’s president regarding artemisia annua as a positive and effective viral treatment, Germany began studies on the herb. They have reported that it is, indeed, proving to be active in combating the virus.


Do you feel better knowing that there is a powerful proven herb like artemisia available that you can take advantage of for your own good health?

I sure do!

You can purchase artemisia annua extract ✓ or in capsules ✓

If you have access to fresh artemisia annua or you grow it in your garden, you can use the fresh leaves, stems and flowers to make a tea or infusion. You can also dry the flowering stalks (with leaves) for future use. Additionally, you can make a tincture using dried artemisia leaves, stems and flowers for a long-lasting potent herbal remedy.

However you take it, you’ll know that you are doing something great for yourself when you choose this immune-strengthening herb.

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*This Article First Written:  November 5, 2020
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