Month: September 2021

cinnamon walnut rugelach

Rugelach Cookies With Jam And Nuts

These flaky, cream cheese pastry cookies filled with cinnamon, walnuts and a bit of plum jam are melt-in-your-mouth satisfying. With just a...
Pumpkin Recipes List

Don’t Miss: 10 Tempting Pumpkin Recipes

I see so many interesting recipes involving pumpkin this time of year. Here’s a little list of the ones that caught my...
Georgian Eggplant and Walnut Rolls

Georgian Eggplant And Walnut Rolls (Badrijani Nigvzit)

Delicious walnut and garlic paste rolled inside thin strips of eggplant – these tasty appetizers are so easy to make! The delicately...
Moringa The Most Powerful and Sustainable Superfood

Moringa Benefits: Why Moringa is the Most Powerful and Sustainable Superfood

No matter what ails you, moringa, can help! After you read this list of moringa benefits, you’ll understand why moringa is also...
Blueberry Coffee Cake

Last Days Of Summer Blueberry Coffee Cake

This moist and tender coffee cake is full of juicy blueberries, has a decadent streusel topping, plus a lemon glaze for an...


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