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best natural ways to prevent and treat sunburn

Best Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat Sunburn

Sunburn can really put a stop to enjoying summer fun! Fortunately, there are natural ways to both prevent sunburn and to soothe sunburn if you overdid it. This quick read provides a little list of the best natural ways to prevent and treat sunburn so you can take care of your precious skin.

blackseed oil

Black Seed Oil: Excellent for Skin and Health

Black seed oil, also called kalongi or black cumin seed oil, is known as a powerful herbal remedy all across the world. Great for both internal and topical use, here are ten reasons why black seed oil is excellent for skin and health.

dieting but not losing weight

Dieting but Not Losing Weight? Stop These 5 Habits

When you’re trying to lose weight, everything matters and some habits can slow down healthy weight loss. These five little tips are not often mentioned in articles about shedding unwanted pounds, so if you’re dieting but not losing weight, they might just help.

makeup that's good for you

How to Choose Makeup That’s Good For You – Clean, Natural, Organic

With so many types of makeup available, how do you choose makeup that is good for your skin and health? Learn how noncomedogenic, hypo-allergenic, organic, clean, vegan and natural makeup differ. Then it will be easy to choose makeup that’s good for you!

Natural Remedies
Herbs To Boost Memory and Brain Health

The 7 Best Herbs For Memory and Brain Health

With everything going on around us these days, it’s important to have more brain power! Therefore, this post will focus on the best 7 herbs for memory and brain health. Without clear thinking, we can’t hope to stay on top of the complexities of today’s world….

5 items to start a natural first-aid kit

5 Must-Have Items To Start Your Natural First-Aid Kit

Natural first-aid is easy and inexpensive when you know what to use. If you’re looking to replace over-the-counter drugstore remedies with natural ones, this list gives our top 5 items you should always have in your natural first-aid kit.

honey one of the first superfoods

Honey: One of the First Superfoods

Honey, one of the first superfoods, has been used since ancient times for nourishment, health and beauty.
Read about the different ways we can benefit from honey.

neem benefits for fighting infections

Neem Benefits: The Most Powerful Herb That Fights Infection

Neem is the most potent and fast acting herbal remedy for treating microbial, bacterial, fungal and other infectious conditions. Read on to learn about neem benefits that make it the most powerful herb that fights infection.

radish greens

Radish Greens: 11 Surprising Reasons Why They’re Trending

Radish greens might not seem like superfoods but they have amazing health benefits. Great for digestion, anti-diabetes, immune-boosting, heart strengthening and more, these often overlooked greens are important for health.


Turmeric Benefits: The Best All-Round Herb (11 Reasons)

Turmeric benefits include super-strong anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer actions. It’s easy to find and inexpensive, with numerous other health benefits that make turmeric the best all-round herb.

Featured Recipes
Teriyaki Broccoli with Toasted Walnuts

Teriyaki Broccoli With Yummy Sticky Toasted Walnuts

Think: crisp stir-fried garlicky broccoli and peppers… then zip that up with teriyaki coated toasted walnuts. You couldn’t ask for a more...
agave glazed beets and carrots

Easy Agave Glazed Beets and Carrots

Naturally sweet fresh beets and carrots get a little kick from a tangy lemony-orange agave sauce. Perfect for a holiday side dish...
spicy three bean chili

Spicy Three Bean Chili

This spicy three bean chili is delicious! With subtle flavorings and a thick sauce, a bowl of this chili will warm you...
bakery style ginger scones

Delicious Bakery Style Candied Ginger Scones

These rich and buttery scones are extra special, as they are full of candied dried ginger chunks and then topped with a...
vegetarian mushroom gravy

Perfect Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy

Are you looking for a hearty vegetarian gravy recipe without meat pan drippings? This gravy gets its flavor from butter, mushrooms, spices...
plum upside down cake

Beautiful Plum Upside Down Cake

Fresh, dark, purple plums paired with vanilla-cardamom cake... the perfect combination!! Gorgeous to look at and served with a yogurt cardamom garnish...


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